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Live Blog Double liveblog all the way across Tokyo-3
Sporkaganza2011-09-29 23:53:57

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OK, so there are these two users, Sporkaganza and JuanCarlos, right? Together, they are liveblogging Neon Genesis Evangelion, a well known animeshow that aired in the early 1990s. They have decided to rewatch the series, and banter meaninglessly with each other about what's happening on the show. I think they were setting out to create some sort of debate about the various debatable aspects of NGE, but so far it just seems to be more like a couple of guys making fools of themselves for unprofitable but entertaining purposes.

The liveblogging will be done in segments and then uploaded here. (You'll have to go to Google Documents to access the actual liveblogs, as converting them to proper TV Tropes format would take aeons, and I happen not to have that much time on my hands.) If you're expecting a summary of the show, you've come to the wrong place: When we say live, we mean LIVE, as in texting each other with random silliness as the episode is taking place. Hopefully you'll be able to follow along, either by memory or by watching the episode and then figuring out what shit we said where. Or maybe you don't care and just want to hear a couple of idiots riff on the show and on each other.

We hope you enjoy reading this liveblog as much as we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy writing it, but we doubt you're as fun as us.

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