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Live Blog Jet Force Gemini: Canine Battle Tank and Beyond
Afromullet2011-09-03 22:04:46

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Jet Force Gemini: The Beginning

This is Afromullet, and here is my first live blog.

I have found the cables for my N64 and inserted Jet Force Gemini. Time to begin and chronicle my experiences! I do not remember anything about this game as it has been over a decade since I last played it.

The dramatic trumpet heavy music blares in the background as four figures dash towards the screen. On the right is a blue haired woman named Vela. Either she thinks that a skirt is the best battle uniform or she merely wishes to show off her legs. I donít think it is the latter. In these Nintento 64 graphics she does not have the nicest of legs. In the middle is a helmeted man, Juno. There is nothing too exciting about him. Flying to his left is a miniature, bizarrely shaped robot powered by a propeller. Why, in the future, have they chosen a propeller for the machine? I donít know. Makes it more awesome, perhaps? And beneath this robot-machine-face-helicopter thing is a dog, named Lupus, inÖa tank? I donít know what exactly the thing he rides is, but I feel terrible for the dog. Letís just call it a canine battle tank. Canít even run on his own legs. At least there is a cannon attached to the top of the canine battle tank. No one is going to tell him to sit, I bet.

Comets plummet through space as a ship flies in-between the planets, the glimmer of nearby stars shining upon its hull. In the cockpit are three of the figures seen in the title screen, except for the robot-propeller-machine thing. Juno is drinking coffee, seemingly not giving much of a damn about anything despite the dangers of space flight; it seems as his twin sister Vela does all the work as her fingers dash over the keyboard of a computer. The dog stands near the front, staring out into space, fascinated by all the dog-possibilities other worlds have to offer. Perhaps he will charge into a village with his canine battle tank to rescue kin, finding the love of his life. I am not sure if dogs can find the loves of their life, but likely Lupus can. He has a cannon. A dog with a cannon can accomplish anything. It seems as if he Ėcan- walk. I was mistaken before.

As Vela is typing on a computer a red light begins to flash. Juno runs to join here and the scene changes quickly to a tribal village of square headed koalas attacked by laser-wielding ant men. The three are also having their own problems as an enormous space ship approaches, hovering above, and casting its heavy shadow onto their miniature ship. The three begins to run but the laser-wielding ants intercept them. Vela and Lupus flee for the escape ships, but Juno remains behind, blasting the ants with his own laser. There are awfully many lasers in this game, which is a good thing.

Lupus does not simply wait to be teleported to the escape vehicles like a normal dog would. Rather, he stands on two legs while he is just chillinas the sounds of battle ring in the background. Any dog I know would whimper in fear. If I were a dog I would likely whimper in fear. The dog is incredible. He drives a canine battle tank, has a canon attached to his back, can stand on two legs (seemingly having no balance problems at all), -and- can pilot an escape ship with his paws. He doesnít even have thumbs but he still manages! Vela and Lupus fly off separately.

Juno remains, fighting off the ants furiously. Still not giving the slightest of damns while lying on his back, blasting through the head of the blues skinned, clothed ant invaders.

The cut scene ends and now I am at the character selection menu where at the moment I can only chose Juno.


Sep 3rd 2011 at 10:55:53 PM
... I'm confused. The way you describe the title screen makes it sound like you played as far as getting the upgrades for the characters. Did you start a new game?
Sep 3rd 2011 at 11:53:46 PM
It seems as if there were was still a saved game from years ago on the last slot.

That explains the appearance of the title screen.
Sep 3rd 2011 at 11:54:29 PM
And I forgot to add in the comment above, yes, I did start a new game in one of the other slots.