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Live Blog Let's Play Assorted Freeware! YEAH!
inhumanundead2011-09-03 19:16:25

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Part 0. An Introduction.

A Clockwork LP

(c)MMXI 20th Century Fux Studios

-is preparing a cup of English Breakfast tea- Oh, hai there. Didn't see you come in. Why are you in my house? Oh yeah, I'm doing a bunch of LPs as one. Well then. This will be a screenshot LP series. Also, it should be obvious that I am the prime consumer of black tea. SEND ME BLACK TEA!! Oh...sorry. One of my non-caffeinated freakouts. Hahaha...*sips tea* SHIT! Didn't get it good enough! Anyway, see you soon. And get the fuck out of my house...

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