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Live Blog Because One Time Wasn't Enough--Lightspeed Rescue: The Livebloggening, Part II
arcadiarika2011-08-27 09:54:56

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From the batshit insane mind that brought you the livebloggening of Kickboxing Academy comes this little number. Yes, I am once again livebloggening a favorite Power Rangers series of mine. Even if it means having to suffer though some of the bad episodes once again ("Ryan's Destiny", "The Chosen Path", I'm looking at you).

Admittedly, thanks to the addiction of a certain little roleplaying game in TV Tropes, I haven't really gotten around finishing it. And it got deleted. So I'm starting over from the beginning.

But first, I suppose you guys would want to know what the hell this show is.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is the eighth installment of the still-freaking-going Power Rangers series, and notable for being the first standalone Ranger series. As in, no mentions of past seasons save for the WTF-inducing teamup, which I can finally cover. Hopefully. And you know what else are also notable? Not having secret identities, the first American-created Sixth Ranger, and having one of the most awesome Red Rangers in the history of forever actually having the powers' origins be manmade as opposed to magic or a mixture of both.

...and yes, expect my gushing of a certain Red Ranger to appear throughout the liveblog.

When it was first aired, the fanbase was split, and many declared it to be the worst installment of Power Rangers ever. But ever since then, time has healed all wounds, and it's been vindicated. You know, almost like what the Disney seasons (perhaps specifically the Kalish-produced ones) are becoming thanks to Samurai, but I digress. Kinda like how the show's being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.

The plot is basically a group of Rangers have to fight against an army of demons who want to control their city. And there are a lot more stuff that happens. All of which will be covered in due time.

So soon, we'll dive in once again with Lightspeed Rescue. Please do enjoy.


Aug 27th 2011 at 4:53:44 PM
Looking forward to it. I enjoyed PR:LR