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Psyga3152012-01-29 12:02:22

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Part Final: The Demo

Alright, so when we last left off the liveblog, I talked about dice and moving. Now we move into the meat of the site: the demo. For those who donít know, on this site is a ten minute interactive experience where you learn how to play the game. I use the term interactive loosely, as you will see later on. Letís start this up.

We start off with a random narrator who we will never see again (Byeeee!) telling us a fact that Dungeons and Dragons could be played with up to four players. While I would call bullshit and point out how it can be played by more than four players, I assumed that he means that an average game would have up to four players. He then introduces us to Chris and Jessica, who will be my partner and DM respectively. Jessica takes over and tells me that I am Regdar, the human fighter (I like swords) and that Chris is playing Aramil, an elf sorcerer. These are actual characters in the game, but I couldnít find any info on them. She then recaps to me what happened recently, which is pretty much ďYou are exploring a dungeon, looking for adventure and wealth! Oh, and you must fight monsters that live in these dungeons!Ē

One must wonder the logistics of this. Every single day, teams of adventurers raid dungeons, and killing monsters along the way, taking treasure if they find any. All for the purpose of wealth. First off, why arenít these dungeons running dry yet? I would assume the business of raiding dungeons has been going strong for about a few years, but dungeons arenít exactly going to pop up out of nowhere. Itís like fossil fuels, itís there and can make you rich, but deplete enough of it and youíll end up running broke pretty soon with no way to get it back. One must assume that a group raids a dungeon like, once a lifetime due to how much wealth they obtain. Second off, theyíre pretty much invading peopleís homes. These monsters must have been living there for God knows how long, and then one day, they are invaded and murdered by people with swords, picklocks, staves, and war axes, then have their treasure stolen by them and maybe even the stuff they had during the time they died. It really puts a new perspective on the game. Sorry for deconstructing this game, but I assume that Iím not the only one that thought of this. Letís resume our crusade.

Me and Chris enter a room where Kobolds are, and they are the lizard Kobolds, not the dog Kobolds. Oh and lol.

Jessica: Two carry spares...

Itís spelled as spears, but I couldnít resist. Obviously, a fight ensues. Chris unleashes a Magic Missile spell, and for once, itís not to attack the darkness. He zaps and kills the Kobold. The other two Kobolds close in and attack. One pokes me and I tell Jessica my Armor Class, essentially a number that has to be rolled over to guarantee an attack. Something interesting I forgot to point out is that during the demo, you can look at your character sheet and see all the details that you have. Anyways, I tell her that my AC is 15 and the spear narrowly misses me with a result of 14. Meanwhile, Aramil gets stabbed in the leg for two points of damage, leaving Aramil with 5 hit points.

Jessica: Now, Regdar, itís all up to you! What do you want to do?

I donít know- hey now, donít start that again! Though it doesnít matter, it ends with me attacking a Kobold. I kill a Kobold. I kill the other Kobold due to my feat known as Cleave. Jessica complements me for killing the Kobold before it could skewer Aramil, even though I killed the Kobold that hit Aramil first, then the monster besides me. Anyways, now I check the bodies, though I donít think theyíre lootable.

Anyways, we then go to a giant door that we canít budge open. Aramil tries to look, and with a good search roll too (19) but it seems that he canít find anything. So we check the other door. Chris asks if we should check it, and I say yes. We try to hear, but our epic fail leads us to have no other choice but to open the door, which leads to a poisonous gas ambush. We roll fortitude saves, with Aramil getting the fumes into his system. Noticing a pattern here? Anyways, we soon face a Troglodyte, who seems to be hungry. Aramil fires a bow and misses. Uh, dude, Magic Missile? You forgot about it? What the hell? Okay, yes, D&D has that whole ďyou can only cast X spells a dayĒ as itís rule, but Iím more accustomed to MP. Moving on, I move and attack the Troglodyte. Then it attacks me three times (how? Is that even possible?), missing twice, but landing a bite on itís last attack, knocking me down by 2 HP (down to 10). Aramil fails at archery again (MAGIC FREAKING MISSILE!) so as always, itís up to me to kick the Trogís ass. Which I do. Soon I decide to loot his corpse, but Jessica flat out refuses me to take them. Even though she clearly states that I can take the club and amulet.

So we open that door from earlier and we enter this long hallway. On one side, thereís inky blackness, the other has Kobolds, and in a corner, thereís a treasure chest. Sadly, the demo ends there, as Jessica advertizes the D&D Basic Game.


What do I think of the demo? Itís alright, but it could be improved. For one, make it more of an interactive experience, as if the player has control over what he does. The site itself said that you can do all these wonderful things, and yet youíre forced to do what the demo tells you. Iím not saying make a full-out video game, just give the player a little more control than ďattack this Kobold or that KoboldĒ and ďlisten to a door or just barge inĒ. Another thing I think might improve the demo would be if it went from start to finish. From creating your character to braving your first dungeon. This way it will take the user in for a ride both in story and in investment. Hey, thatís what I would usually do.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this retrospective of this nostalgic site.

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