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Psyga3152012-01-29 12:00:58

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When we last left off the liveblog, we’re told that D&D is a Dungeon Crawler, which is only half the truth. Now we dig into finding out who I should play as. Let’s begin by asking myself… Who is inside me? The new page gives you a questionnaire and you answer the questions. When it ends, you will get a result of what race and class you should play as. I will take this quiz for the lulz. However, the following paragraphs will be me responding to the quiz’s questions, usually corresponding to the answer I chose.

We start off with a fairly basic question. What gender am I? Male. Duh. Then which place is a good place to live. I say a city. Nature or nurture? Neither. Do I know any languages? Eh, other than English, just a smattering. My friends are people who understand me. How am I around others? Wel… I guess I don’t mind being with a few friends… Magic? HELL YEAH! Where do I want to be when a fight breaks out? Somewhere else. Knowledge is power. Duh, everyone knows that. Justice is blind. No wait, no “blind” option? Damn. Negotiable then. The best battle plan is complete. My favourite color is forever red. Pun intended. I’m having everything on the menu for dinner. Light-hearted seems to match me better. Money can’t buy happiness. Vacation = Party. I guess I could go with a “Once I was but the student. Now, I am the master” quote. My battle cry is “TOH!” “SEIYAAAAAH!” “HOEEEE!” “SPOOOOON!” or “KEIOOOOOOON!” however, since I am limited on the choices, “Taste flaming death, you pigs!” is my choice. Although “Feel the wrath of Canadian lumber, FOOL!” sounds funnier. At least I have my health. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Wait, isn’t it Cosbyness is next to godliness? Saturday night is usually another night. Bulky sweaters are useless. Except for use as pillows. Then it’s good. I can’t leave home without my keys, but I’ll pick PDA.

And I am a Halfling Wizard. Huh, it actually matched me up with what my character should be. Hm...

Alright, time for some interactivity. Now you take the quiz. You can answer it anyway you want. Post the results and your thoughts on it.

Next time, we learn about dice. Joy.

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