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Live Blog K-Drama Addiction
tiffz82011-08-13 03:09:09

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Do not miss out the following Korean dramas!!!!!

1. First Wives Club 2. Lovers In Paris 3. Couple or Trouble 4. You are my destiny 5. Prosecutor Princess 6. Secret Garden 7. Boys Over Flowers 8. God of Study 9. Man of God 10.Can You Hear My Heart 11.Sweet Spy 12.Spy Myung Wol 13.Iris 14.City Hunter 15.Manny 16.Hooray For Love 17.Baby-faced Beauty 18.Protect the Boss 19.Heartstrings 20.Miss. Ripley

And lots more to come! If you are interested in more dramas or would like to have some discussion on particular topics, feel free to contact me at or facebook Thank you for your attention!

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