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Live Blog Language Journey in Berlin: Mind Blown
GoodGuyGreg2011-08-01 08:21:05

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Holy Crap I Am Here At Last

So, people, I have been expecting and dreading this moment for quite some time. I've finally convinced my family to allow me to come here, and to pay for it. I've taken the plane, flown over areas I'd never overflown before, and now I'm here, and it's like another freaking planet. It's, like, there's this vibrance in the air, and everyone looks so dynamic, and german keyboards have stuff placed in awkward places which makes it kinda hard to type at a decent speed. Otherwise, I've spent all of July doing an intensive course in level A1. Honestly, I thought I was ready. I had learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary, like, a lot, and I come here, and at the end of a single day, IO already feel like my brains are melting. It's probably the two corresponding planes and the lots of free Lufthansa coffee I have ingested, but I guess that's why my writing is so poor today. I promise to improve this in the future. Berlin is a city full of cool and awesome, so expect some interesting and bizarre adventures, which, as a Weirdness Magnet, I already tend to attract without being in a City of Adventure. Stay tuned: THE JOURNEY BEGINS!



I think it would be nice if we could post videos and images to illustrate our points, wouldn't you agree?


Aug 1st 2011 at 11:03:51 AM
Any objections if I post stuff in german? Ich möchte meinen Progress kontrolieren... but I'm afraid y fractured A1 level German will give everyone headaches... or worse, cause them splitting laughter...
Aug 1st 2011 at 6:33:17 PM
Aha, a fellow troper who is also learning German :D Is it just quick holidays, or are you planning on staying there at some point in the future?