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Live Blog Sword Feinds, A great idea, or A ploy for More epeisode
WooTheStar2011-07-25 20:15:29

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Sword Feinds are a scam

  • I am extremly late on the Bleach series, I'm an american and just figured out you can watch all of that stuff on line.
  • The episode is around 264. It's a little late after the Sword Feinds have been known by a name, and I just can not seriously beleive that Tite Kubo would go for such a cheesy route to get through more episodes. There could have been an entire plethora of episode based around the life of each and every Shinigami, if you want an easy way out. There could have even been an episode about the way Ichigo's friends act when he's not there.
  • I'm just saying I thought that the mention of the souls of everyone's swords embodying themselves into physical forms is a little too science fiction for me to beleive.
    • that is to say I don't believe in Bleach, but that idea was just over board.
      • A great series none the less.


Jul 25th 2011 at 8:16:17 PM
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