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raigakuren2011-07-15 12:42:49

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Beginning the Journey! To Be A Touhou Master!

It's finally my time! To become the best Touhou Trainer I can be. To travel through Gensokyo, defeat the eight gym leaders, and then the Elite Four where I can rightfully gain the title of Touhou Champion!!!

Of course like any other trainer I need to start out from humble beginnings. It was finally time, today is the day I'll receive my first ever Touhou! I couldn't wait I hastily got online to update my Facebook and TV Tropes account of my new adventure. Of course I remembered to also get my potion from my PC's convenient hyperspace arsenal app, never could be too careful when it comes to my Touhou's health.

I arrived at Prof. Oaks lab to find my childhood rival Ren. "Well, well, well if it isn't Rai?"

"Evil twin!"

"I keep telling you I'm not evil, just because I'm from an alternate dimension I'm not evil. Interdimensional travel doesn't work that way."

"Sure, tell that to your (hot) sister who dresses up a sailor."

"Fine whatever..."

"Well, I'm gonna look for Prof. Oak"

I headed out to Route 1 to look for the Professer when suddenly: "Don't go out into the tall grass it's dangerous!"

Looking behind I see Prof. Oak. "Prof. Oak! I've been looking for you everywhere and when I checked everywhere else you weren't there and you suddenly appear behind me"

"U-um, uh well uh...Oh right you and Ren are supposed to get your Touhou's today. Come follow me to my lab."

The three pokemon that Prof. Oak had were: Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya. After some time thinking I decided to choose:


Reimu! The Miko Pokemon!

Ren chose Marisa. She was probably waiting for me to choose and then get a Touhou with a type advantage, but I believe that advantage doesn't make up for skill.

"Okay, Rai let's have a battle to see who's the better one"

"Bring it on! Reimu, I choose you!"

The flash of light as the Touhou Orb hit the ground and out came my Reimu.

"Go Marisa!"

Out came Ren's Touhou, Marisa.

"Marisa, tackle" Marisa charged at Reimu who took some damage from the attack. "Okay then, Reimu use Pound." A direct hit. "Marisa, get up and use tackle!" Marisa readied another attack. "Reimu dodge it, then use Pound one more time!" Reimu jumped out of the way of Marisa and landed another direct hit. "Okay, finish it off with pound!"

Third time was the charm as Marisa hit the ground exhausted from the battle. "Well Rai you win this round but you'll see! I'll be better than you one day!" Ren shouted as she left the lab.

"Well that's done. Thanks for the Tohou professor."

My heart was still pounding from the sheer excitement of battle and my first victory. Now begin my journey as a Touhou trainer!

Commentary: Ah Touhoumon, I've played Pokemon for all my life and when my friends got me into Touhou I eventually discovered this game. Another factor to my love of this game would be Leo Modesto's Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge. I plan to eventually make a Nuzlocke of a Touhoumon game, but for now I'm just playing it casually. Hopefully I can update this every week or so.

If you guys have noticed the names of my characters are the ending and beginning of my username. My Reimu is nicknamed "Plz Donate" :D. Yes I made a reference to Murasa/Chiyuri, I plan to make A LOT of Touhou references in this liveblog.

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