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Live Blog Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem
JonnasN2011-07-11 11:32:32

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Vorbereitungen, or "Preparations" for those of you who lack translators

There you go. A Fire Emblem Draft. A playthrough of one of my favourite games of all time, now as a competition with heavy restrictions. Plus, I'll be playing it in German, because I need that practice.

My draftees: Oswin, Florina, Sain, Canas, Isadora, Harken/Karel

My opponents: Barrylocke, Alfric, montagohalcyon, xiphoniii, Hnd 03

General rules

-Undrafted units cannot fight, break walls/trees, visit villages or rescue drafted units. They can meatshield, trade items, rescue undrafted units, recruit new units, find buried items and buy and sell items;

-Hector, Merlinus and Athos are free for all (so, they should be added up there, but whatever);

-Marcus is free up to, and including, Chapter 15. After that, he's banned;

-Matthew can be freely used for (and only for) thievery purposes. Legault is also allowed to steal that oh-so useful Member's Card;

-Any break of the above rules incurs in a 4-turn penalty. Yikes!;

-I do not have to get every item and character, nor do I have to keep everyone alive, but I want to, if possible.

And with that, I shall begin. Wish me Viel Glück!

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