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Live Blog Let's screw up the seasons and rescue an oracle!
Nyarly2011-07-11 04:03:31

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Oracle Of Seasons, along with it's temporal counterpart Oracle of Ages, is the second Zelda game for the Game Boy (Color), developed by Flagship, a subsidiary of Capcom. Originally, it was planned that they make a remake of the very first Legend of Zelda and then make a new game, but the developers wanted to skip the remake, whose development was also problematic. Eventually, Shigeru Miyamoto had the idea of a trilogy of games, that could be linked together. When that proved to be too much work, the third game was scrapped (poor Farore) and the result are the two Oracle games.

While it doesn't matter in which order the games are played, Oracle of Seasons appears to be treated often as the first game, which is why I play it first. Both games have a Damsel in Distress as plot. Although in this case, it's not Zelda herself (at first), but an oracle, who has the same name of one of the three goddesses. In Seasons, it's Din, who keeps the seasons in order. As long as she's not kidnapped, that is...

This will be my third liveblog and my first about a game. Considering that the other two never got past the first installment, one may not have much hope for this one, but I remain optimistic, especially since it's about a video game this time. Originally, I wanted to make one about Links Awakening, since I really love this game and finished it multiple times. But I decided to tackle the Oracle games since I haven't finished them yet. This can result in getting stuck quite badly (this actually happened, when I played it a while ago), but for what do we have GameFaqs? Also, you won't have to endure my gushing about LA (yes, I'm one of those who think that it's the best Zelda game, although admittedly it may be a case of Nostalgia Filter...).

I decided to organize the installment a bit. Precisely, I make an installment for every dungeon and for every stuff in between. So, the first one will be about the beginning and all the stuff, I do until I get to the first dungeon and the second one will be about said dungeon.

Now, let's only hope that this will go somewhere...


Nov 28th 2011 at 9:30:59 AM
how do i kill onox in seasons?