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Live Blog A boy, a brat, a dashing knight and a drill instructor walk into a tavern... A Clash Of Kings, liveblogged
Noimporta2011-07-10 21:03:58

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A Brief Introduction

George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire (by George R.R. Martin) is, without a doubt, one of the most famous fantasy series there is. Famous for its quality, its dark non-idealized setting, the long wait between each book and because there's a recent HBO series based on the first book. Having watched the series, a liveblog of A Game Of Thrones wouldn't have been as interesting, so A Clash of Kings it is.

If you're reading this liveblog, you're probably familiar with the story, and, as such, a full recap would be superfluous. However, it would be good to remember where we left:

Things went awry when King Robert tried to eat more pork than he could handle and Ned Stark got a particularly bad haircut. The Lannisters and the Starks went to battle, and the former were forced to retreat, but not without leaving a token of their appreciation: Jaime Lannister himself. Swelled with pride, the northerners decided they might as well rule themselves, and named Robb 'The King In The North'. For his part, Tyrion leads a sellsword, a whore and a colorful bunch of barbarians to King's Landing, where his father hopes he'll prevent Joffrey, the king, from finding new ways of proving himself an idiot and a dick. Meanwhile, Renly Baratheon decided he wanted to be king too (After all, everyone was doing it), and allied with the Tyrells through a marriage with one of their young (though some suspect he'd rather have Ser Loras warm his bed), and they prepare an army to secure that title by force. Across the sea, Daenerys pretends to return home as well, armed with an exile knight, three baby dragons and a few hundred slaves, she seems to have a long way to go. And there was this other guy, Stannis Baratheon, of who very little we know, except that he's apparently stern, hard and ruthless... oh, and he wants to be king too, that must be a hell of a chair.

In any case, wacky, vaguely medieval hijinks will probably ensue, and I'll hopefully liveblog them... starting with my next entry. Good luck, and remember: winter is coming.


Jul 11th 2011 at 2:23:15 PM
It's amazing to think that with everything that happens in it, Game of Thrones is actually just one long prologue, and this is where the story really gets going. This is especially clear in the show, where the season one finale was pretty much just a long trailer for season two, with every character getting just one or two scenes to set up what they'll be doing. They even threw in Arya's first scene from the second book!
Jul 12th 2011 at 12:13:40 PM
Rumor is that Christopher Eccleston is playing Stannis. If so, awesome. My personal pick for Melisandre is Mira Furlan; watch that big ring scene from B5: The Gathering and tell me you don't see it.
Jul 13th 2011 at 7:43:57 AM
An excellent recap. Looking forward to the liveblog proper.