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Live Blog Seven Characters? Amazing Axes? A First time for Everything?! Barrylocke Drafts Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword
Barrylocke2011-07-21 19:19:36

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Prologue: An Explanation

For those of you who don't know, Fire Emblem is a series of strategy-rpgs by Nintendo. You're usually a character of noble class who is trying to achieve some sort of goal. They do this by recruiting and leading a ragtag group of characters from all classes of life, including some who may have been on the opposition. They all come together, form your party, and kick ass together.

This liveblog will chronicle my playthrough of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword on the GBA. (aka Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken, and just known as Fire Emblem in America). It will be played on Hector Normal Mode, and will be pretty different from previous Fire Emblem playthroughs I've played in the past.

Basically, me and a few other tropers (Hnd 03, Alfric, Xiphoniii, montagohalcyon, and Jonnas N) are taking part in Drafting Tournement that was organized. The full set of rules can be found here, but here's the abridged version. The other players and I took turns choosing which characters we wanted in our parties. Once a choice was picked, no one else was allowed to choose them. All characters that we did not chose are for the most part unallowed to take part in the chapter. The goal is to try to finish the game as quickly as possible (and if characters who aren't drafted do an action, the player takes a turn penalty).

I have just completed drafting all of my characters, and my final team will consist of:

Hector (who is the Main character in Hector mode, and allowed to be used by everyone)

Serra, the Cleric

Lucius, the Monk

Kent, the Cavalier

Dart, the Pirate

Fiora, the Pegasus Knight

Hawkeye, the Beserker

And the Archsage Athos (who is only available in the final chapter, and also allowed by everyone)

Everyone is also allowed to use Marcus, the Paladin, for the first few chapters, and Matthew, the Thief, though only for stealing and picking locks. Legault, the other Thief, may also be used for a small portion later on, depending on the circumstances.

I basically hope to detail my progress through the game, and I'm playing on the computer instead of on my DS, I'll hopefully be able to provide pictures of notable moments.

As a final note, this is actually going to be my first time trying to playthrough the entirety of Hector Normal Mode, so this will probably be very interesting. From what I understand, the game will have a few extra chapters and tricks for me to deal with, so this will be very interesting.

Coming up, Tobio's adventure begins.

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