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Psyga3152012-05-17 08:30:52

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Part One: Oh boy, more Les Yay.

Hello everyone, Psyga315 here. If you had seen my live blogs, you would know that I have suffered. I suffered through 4 Pooh's Adventures (the third was alright, and the fourth one was actually good), a Sailor Moon RPG, and an MDickie video game (Okay, I liked the last two). Now I want to see others suffer. I want to see love and friendship be swatted down like flies. I want to see people grow hungry and feel despair, and best of all, I want to see it happen over and over and over.

I think you guys know where I am going with this. I am going to do a live blog of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Now I know there is another liveblog of Madoka, but this focuses on the Manga, which is just the same but shorter and bloodier. Plus you have my Deadpan Snarker persona, and the fact that we all know what will happen. Oh wait... SPOILER WARNING. So... let's begin reading!

So we begin with Madoka and Sayaka saying how Mami is so cool. Boy... Are they in for a treat! Anyways, Madoka dreams of all the riders being killed... Wait wrong show. Madoka dreams of Homura taking on Walpurgisnatch, in which she fails at. Kyubey asks Madoka to make a contract with him and become a magical girl. The expressive nature of Kyubey in the manga helps me read Kyubey in Emiri Katou's voice. This won't help later on when he is delivering Wham Line after Wham Line, but for now, it seems cute.

Madoka wakes up, Miku- I mean Junko, helps her with her ribbons, and Madoka goes to see her friends kicking in the front sea- NO! I WILL NOT GO DOWN THAT ROUTE! So we are met with Sayaka and Hitomi and we get some Les Yay with Sayaka and Madoka. Then we are introduced to Kazuko, the teacher. It seems she comes from the Azumanga Daioh school of quirky teachers. She angsts over how her boyfriend broke up with her because she doesn't make the eggs well. We are then introduced to our transfer student... Homura. Hm... This sort of reminds me of that episode of Card Captors where Li joins the cast. I mean, beat for beat. Transfer Students? Check. Interest in the main character? Check. Later introduced as a form of antagonistic role that later divulges into an ally role? Check. I have the feeling that Studio Shaft will make a spin off where Homura will travel through many worlds to save Madoka.

Anyways, Homura doesn't feel well and asks Madoka to take her. Why? Because she is the class health officer. Or health representative... Or screw it, nurse's assistant. So they go to a hall where Homura asks Madoka if she cares for her friends and family. She then blabs on about how she should protect them. She then leaves. We then have Sayaka having a theory that Madoka and Homura are in love. Oh boy, more Les Yay. The two leave Hitomi as Mami watches from afar.

As Sayaka and Madoka get a CD for Kyousuke, Homura begins shooting at Kyubey. Kyubey asks Madoka to help him, and she does. She finds Kyubey injured and we find Homura being antagonistic towards Madoka. Sayaka pulls off a Big Damn Heroes and shoots fire extinguisher at Homura. And then they get to a Witch's Labyrinth. Hopefully it's the Which. Oh look, it's the Pringle dudes! Hey Pringle dudes! Sayaka thinks this is all a joke, which for some reason makes me wonder what would happen if Corkus found himself in a Witch's Labyrinth (it might possibly end the same way). Then Mami wraps the pringles in ribbons and gets a hand cannon to blow them up. Not as epic as the UNLIMITED MUSKET WORKS! but it will do. Mami heals Kyubey and introduces herself to Madoka and Sayaka. Then Kyubey goes all "Tell me your wish... I can grant any wish..." on Madoka and Sayaka.

This was a pretty decent chapter. It's nice how it fools us into thinking it's a normal Magical Girl show like how Bridge To Terabithia fools us into thinking it's a fantasy film. {shakes fist at Walden} So, the questions are as follows... Who were the Pringles? Who is Mami? Who will Jump At The Call? For all these questions and more, Foregone Conclusion will solve everything.

175R, play me out!


Aug 13th 2011 at 3:39:14 PM
I thought Bridge to Terabithia WAS a fantasy film. (I haven't seen it)