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Live Blog Let's Watch Delgo...with no sound!!! (2.0)
Mort082011-06-26 21:40:10

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Hello, everyone!

I'm glad you're here! Welcome to my first liveblog! Okay, technically it's my SECOND liveblog. But I managed to mess up the comments on the first one so weirdly that I just decided to start over. Next, I want to tell you about me: I'm Mort08, and one of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. Escapism thing. For my blog, I wanted to pick a subject that was different from the others, something...unique. Does watching a bad movie you know next to nothing about without the aid of dialogue qualify as unique?

In my twisted mind, YES.

The movie I'll be eviscerating for your entertainment is the 2008 animated flick "Delgo." Here's what I know about it; it's apparently very bad. There are butterfly people. And a glowing rock. And some dude named Raius. Who either gets a letter or sends one. And it's THE lowest grossing wide-release movie EVER. It certainly didn't sound very interesting to me, and you should know that I'm VERY easily amused. I mean, look what I'm doing!

Like I said, I'll be watching this movie without sound. With no dialogue to help me along, I will attempt to figure out the plot using visuals only. I'll probably mess it up horribly. In fact, I'm hoping I do. More fun that way. I only ask that if you wish to comment on my endeavor, please do not correct me on what I'm getting wrong. It's not the point of the blog...also, if I cared I wouldn't have it muted, would I?

Well, that's really all you need to know about this blog of mine. If you're still interested, stick around for my next update. We're jumping right into the action! See ya!

- Mort08

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