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Live Blog Let's Play UFO: Extraterrestrials
ssfsx172011-06-18 18:40:14

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Planet Esperanza - colonized by the spaceship Magaleansh in 2020.

88 years later, observation telescopes in orbit receive strange readings. A closer look reveals that these are evidence of a stable wormhole. Less-stable wormholes also seem to randomly appear near Esperanza, with much debris and abandoned spaceships flying out. One object coming from one of these lesser wormholes seems to be inert, and is safely brought in.

Several weeks later, a heavily-damaged courier from another colony arrives, with all crew dead and only an ominous message left in its databanks: "——ttacked! ——-empire—— ——all is lost—— ——-st——- alie—— I repeat, all is lost! Earth is—— ——control——- govern—— ——-Despertar has also——- ——if you are hearing this then Esfuerza has also—— ——recorded—— ——repeating message. Earth has fallen——-"

This confirms the council's worst fears.

And so, the Counter-Alien Force is founded.

Settings & Mods: Grayfiend mod 3.92

  • Difficulty: Normal (Soldier)
  • Celebrity Faces Mod: Enabled
  • Bonus UFO Swarms for cash: Enabled
  • Recruits: 1000 at start, 200 per week
  • Sight Range: 150%
  • Permadeath: Medium (Mere Mortals)
  • Walls Strengthening: 3x
  • X-COM Alien Invasion: Enabled, Few
  • Demons Appearance Frequency: Always

Money: Changed so that each nation gives 10 times as much funding. This is because the game practically encourages the player to let nations get taken over by aliens, since this is the most reliable way to get alien bases and therefore commanders, and nations can always be liberated later.

Training Gyms: modded to allow up to 100 soldiers training at a time

"Sirius" Taser: modded to have a range of 10, and to do damage type "stun" rather than "special"

The usual X-COM-style LP deal here: you can sign up for characters. Who is your character and what does he/she do? Since permadeath is less likely in this game than in standard X-COM, feel free to write more than you usually would.

HW Ps will not be used unless a lot of soldiers end up in the hospital, since UFO:ET doesn't give a whole lot of transport space.

Soldier & HWP names: maximum 35 characters

Ship names: maximum 13 characters


Jun 18th 2011 at 11:00:18 PM
Decided to host the main thing at due to the following: handling wide images, having hotlinked images, and using standard forum code.