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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:35:08

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Part Eleven: Double Boiled Pooh

When we last left off Pooh’s Adventures, Dark-Nuva got his ass handed to by Savage and someone approaches them. Who is it? Let’s find out!

Part 11 of 12

So, who is this mysterious stranger? It turns out to be...

The King: Oh Hai Prince Gasket!

WAIT! You know him?

The King: Yeah, during the shooting of the film, me and him would go bowling every so often.

Wataru: He even requested to be in this film. Check the comments on Part Seven.

{reads the comments} Holy crap! You’re right! Triumph101 (the user, not the character) Practically Sure Why Notted this! This... This... THIS! IS! EPICNESS! SIGN ME UP!

So Gasket requests that Dark Nuva comes with him as he is his prisoner, but Savage wishes to erase his mistake by killing Nuva, and then Gasket is like “You have to beat me to do that!” and Savage is like “Your funeral.” Then Nuva blasts Savage out of the mech! And then... decides that he wants to go out like Heero Yuy and blow up his mech because he’s tired of fighting and no one cares. And Gasket is like “Wait, people need you!” Is this Character Derailment for Nuva? Because all I caught was Omnicidal Maniac and Knight Templar before this bit. Not once did he ever admit to wanting to kill himself. Heck, Gasket, who wants him prisoner, is like “Don’t do it!” And he’s all like “No one cares!” I guess when DCAU Mr. Freeze voices you; you have to adapt that depressed Anti-Villain role. And so Dark Nuva blows himself up. Triumph101 mentions the anti-climax of it. I, however, found it a tad moving, even though this whole “No one cares!” thing was last second. Gasket decides to make up for it by fighting Triumph101. Triumph101, however, brings out... THE SHOGUN ZORDS? THIS IS GETTING EPIC BY THE MINUTE! Triumph claims that he found them while he was being washed up by the Gel-Giant. While I find that hard to believe (how could he find it in such short time), I will accept it. So, instead of being piloted by individual people (I would love to see Pooh hop into the Zord) they are controlled much like the Battle Borgs or Red Battlezord. For the sake of Rule of Cool, I will allow it. So the epic fight begins as the Shogun Zords form the Shogun Megazord and forms its Flaming Sword as the “Go Go Power Rangers” music plays. And they promptly finish him off... While I understand that with a fight like this, footage of them actually fighting would be close to impossible, even in the real thing, but at least add one more combat action as opposed to just going for the Finishing Move. However, I liked it. Plus it makes sense what with the anti-climatic fights in The Phantom Tollbooth

So Milo tries to wake Tock up. Wataru, I wanted to crack this joke for a long time. Can I do it?

Wataru: I don’t see why not.

{Ahem} Tock! Tock, get up for God’s sake, get up! They killed Tock! THEY KILLED TOCK! THOSE LOUSY STINKING YELLOW FAIRIES! THOSE HORRIBLE ATROCITY-FILLED VERMIN! THOSE DESPICABLE ANIMAL WARMONGERS! THEY KILLED TOCK! Ah, good times. So anyways, we have a “being sad” montage.

Benubi: Crying is for little girls, babies, and men who just had their ears ripped off!

Yet no one cries for Nuva. Just felt like pointing that out.

The King: Well, he was the villain.

So does that mean it is all right if no one mourns for him? If so, then we would not get the Alas, Poor Villain trope, because everyone would throw a party whenever the villain dies, no matter who it is! So Milo heads to find Rhyme and Reason and Triumph101 decides “Let’s follow the plot him!” And everyone feels fine now. Angst? What Angst? The Gundams choose to stay behind as the rest of the heroes head to Howls Moving Castle In The Sky. Milo goes up the Stairway to Heaven. Oh, and to make it even more confusing, every time Milo steps on a stair step, it vanishes. How do Pooh and his friends follow him? Bah, does not matter. So he finds Rhyme and Reason, who explain their knowledge of him from Lord Raiden. Hm... I wonder what he is doing now...

{Meanwhile, Raiden looks at his amulet and sees it crack a little}


{Back to the Live Blog}

So Rhyme and Reason say that they used him because he was so bored that he would do anything. Somehow, I want to face palm so badly. This just makes Milo an Unwitting Pawn! Sure, he is one towards a good plan, but still! They also chose him because he needed to be brave, curious, and kind. Raiden also chose Pooh and his friends to protect Milo on his journey. Okay, stop the train there. Raiden also has Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and a whole bunch of other people ready to defend Milo. Sure, if this took place after Mortal Kombat 9, there would be... complications, but one, this was made before it came out, and two, you go to Pooh of all people to have him defend Milo? Why doesn’t Raiden just ask the SD Gundam Force to do it? Or even Conker? Why even bring Pooh along if you have people more powerful than a stuffed teddy bear to do the job for you? It just does not make sense!

Sigh. Anyways, Milo angsts on how he screwed up everything and that Tock is dead, but Rhyme and Reason go all “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll fix it!” Pooh even asks them if they can fix space and time, and yes they can. I wonder just what they cannot fix. Can they end to famine and war? Can they end the heat death? This is just raising more Fridge Logic.

Oh, look, the Whether Man arrives. No doubt he will talk about how losing weight is important. He gives Milo some balloons, while he gives Piglet some birds to lift him. And I assume the Gundams could fly. And so they fix everything! The sky! The clothes on Humbug! They even fix Tock! Hey, here’s a question, why can’t they fix the situation they are in, instead of asking Pooh or Milo for help?

Wataru: Maybe the castle is enchanted?

... I’ll accept that. Now I see what Nuva meant when he says that Rhyme and Reason will fix what he’s done. Oh, and it’s 5:23 by the time they saved Rhyme and Reason, thus making the side-quest of waiting for 5:23 even more pointless. Wasn’t there supposed to be a part there they fight the demons one last time and a Big Damn Heroes is pulled?

The King: That part’s in the book. They skipped it.

THOSE LOUSY... Sigh. Okay, let’s finish this part, then I’ll vent my frustrations. The cop lets everyone off the hook. The Which is let out of jail. All this brings back sense and sanity, which I have lost during this adventure. Well, that was fun.

Wataru: We’re not done yet!

Yeah, I know. Next part is the finale. Stay tuned.

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