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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-05-17 08:28:09

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Part Ten: Journey Through The Pooh

Okay, so when we last left Pooh and his friends, Yosemite Sam trapped them. Let us find out what happens!

Part 10 of 12

So as I expected, the evil monster with the booming voice is a small demon. Voiced by Mel Blanc. Yes, this was the character I talked about in Part 8. He goes all depressed and runs off. Triumph101 refers to some person named Savage. Then a giant hand posing as rocks comes and squishes them all. The end.

Wataru: Cut that out, you and I both know you are not done.

I know. I just had to make that joke. So they get snatched up by the Gelatinous Giant, who wants to have them for-

The King: Dinner!

No! BREAKFAST! So Triumph asks the Giant if he wants a taste of the Third Warrior of Power (A rank of sorts) but then Milo has an idea, which the Giant can’t eat. Ideas: Both resilient and bulletproof. And this kills the Giant. How... anti-climatic. And guess what? They find the Castle In The Air! {Dramatic Thunder} Looks like we are hitting the Cosmic Deadline! Oh, and I like how they are all like “We did it!” yet there are tons of monsters surrounding them. It would be like in The Land Before Time where the dinosaurs are like “Oh, look! The Great Valley! We made it!” while thousands of gigantic Sharptooths surround them. And so we have our confrontation with Dark Nuva! I didn’t actually expect them to have a confrontation in this Pooh’s Adventures, but here we are. And it seems that Will Friedle voices Triumph101. Okay, I guess that is better than Yuri Lowenthal. Dark Nuva seems to be voiced by the DCAU Mr. Freeze. It sounds cool and matches the robotic nature of Dark Nuva.

And so a Mech battle ensues! CUE EPIC MUSIC! (which they promptly do) But now they shift back show Pooh and his friends getting cornered... cue the usual... Oh wait, they are actually preparing for battle! The Gundams who are built for battle, are actually going to battle! However, since this is Pooh’s Adventures we are talking about, we have to have Milo take the monsters out. With Symbol Word Power. He pretty much sets up a 4 as a bow and fires the words like arrows and killing them with words. Ah, same old same- Wait, what is this? The Gundams are combining attacks with Milo’s? And actually finishing off a monster with that attack? ...That is practically what I asked for in Pooh’s Adventures to begin with. Pooh and friends assisting people instead of stating the obvious or suggesting the obvious. Are you guys seeing this? Four Pooh’s Adventures, and this was the one I missed out on!

Wataru: Snap once more and the live blog ends.

Complain once more and I tell Hark your little sob story with Mayo. Or Mia. Or whatever her name was.

{Wataru sheds a single tear}

Oh, jeez, he is crying. Sigh, look, Wataru, I am sorry about that. I am just dealing with the fact that I cannot believe my eyes at the most basic of things. Besides, we’re so far into this that there is no going back. Apparently, the monsters combine into a giant monster and attack our heroes. And they run. So much for combined efforts. I at least can accept that. Gundams were built for wars, not combat against Eldritch Abominations, that’s the Evangelions’ job.

The King: Oh, for once you are not going to call out the Gundams?

Nah, it got too redundant. Plus we resume the Mecha fight! Turns out that Triumph101 summoned another mech to fight Dark Nuva and they actually fight. No Spore Creature going “Tut! Tut! Tut! Tut! Tut!” in a looping animation, no horrific MS paint, it’s just good old fashioned mech combat. This consists of Triumph101’s mech hitting Dark Nuva’s mech and him trying to convince Nuva to stop before everything goes boom, with Nuva going “NEVER!

Then we shift back as Tock tries to attack the monster, but gets his ass handed to. All it takes to defeat the monster is a flying pencil. A flying pencil to the paw. I do not know which is more anti-climatic, the entire genre of Pooh’s Adventures, or this film.

Then we return to the epicness that is the fight between Triumph101 and Dark Nuva as someone tears his hand into Dark Nuva’s suit. This man is Savage, the same person that Triumph101 was talking about in the beginning. Then someone walks to them in a green background. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I want to see what happens next. This is like, the third time Pooh’s Adventures had become ridiculously epic, the first time was when Bowser was talking to the Witches, and the second time was when Pooh decides to fight Jafar himself and the epic fight that followed. The Four Den-Os were just a bonus scene if you count the comment stories. Tune in next time!

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