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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:32:18

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Part Seven: Next Pooh

Alright, so when we last left off Pooh and his friends, they have a "Get out of Jail Free" Card via invitation to dinner. And yes, I still have the King with me, but he seems to only speak in sound bytes, mostly sentences spoken by other characters. King, your thoughts?

The King: Gee, itís sure boring around here...

See what I mean? On to Part Seven of Twelve

So it starts with the curtains opening and the King being introduced. And here comes another introduction. Oh, and Captain Gundam is from Neotopia... Wait... NEOTOPIA? AS IN THE NEOTOPIA? DAMN! WHY CANíT I HAVE A GUNDAM AS A NEOPET?

Wataru: Um... Thereís also a Neotopia in SD Gundam Force, so Iím pretty sure heís referring to that Neotopia.

... Party Pooper. I just like how the King is just sleeping during the introductions. Especially when they do that "Super Sentai" Stance. So Milo says heís been sentenced to six billion years, which results in something similar to the scene where L hears that Shinigami exist. Except he does not actually fall off his chair. Azaz then explains how Dictionopolis values words over numbers, yadda yadda.

Azaz: After all, my boy.

The King: MAH BOI!


The King: Yes. {BUM BUM BUM!}

GAAAAAAAAAAAASP! Yay. So Azaz is Harkinianís cousin who happens to visit him because he never wrote to him. This apparently takes place before Wand Of Gamelon as the Kingís Ship sails in the morning. He wonders whatís for dinner. Azaz will tell him after a musical numb- NO! GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- {gets cut off by the song in process}

Well, at least Triumph101 is a big fan of Harkinian as I am. Sadly, this is an One-Scene Wonder for him, and with that, we return to the Mind Screw. Wait, King, canít you speak in subtitles like you did in there?

The King: I donít see why not.

Good, at least I have someone to talk to during this.

Wataru: Oh, and what am I to you?

Youíre the guy who keeps me on track of things. And restrains me if I lose it and know I can kill. And tells me that I am not done when I say that I am.

Wataru: Ah. Okay then.

Now, back into action! So everyone makes their orders on food (including Harkinian) and everyone eats. Cue another Rabbit Clip:

Rabbit: How can you think of food at a time like this?

So after another Incredibly Lame Pun (ďI didnít know I have to eat my own words!Ē) Milo concludes that everything is confusing. Thank you. That sums up the entire movie in a nutshell. It makes Wonderland look normal in comparison. So we find out Azaz is bipolar. Sadly this isnít Addictionopolis or Azaz would be bi-winning. Azaz does go in favour of saving Rhyme and Reason, thogh. If you think of Rhyme and Reason as the actual concepts they are named after rather than just people, this would be much funnier. Azaz recruits Humbug (Okay he ďvolunteersĒ and by volunteer, I mean he gets stung and stands up, causing Azaz to think heís volunteering) to come with Milo on the quest.

SCENE CHANGE back to Tyber Zann as he receives a report that Milo is headed towards Digitoplis, the land of math. So... Is it safe to say that Tyber or Nuva is our Villain of the Week?

Wataru: Pretty much.

Well, I Knew It!. Anyways, Tyber says that if Rhyme and Reason are rescued, they will undo the damage Nuva has done... Which is? If I recall correctly, the only thing that happened once Rhyme and Reason were banished was that people seemed to throw any word around for no reason. Unless Rhyme and Reason are somehow Barrier Maidens, or something to that effect, Nuva hasnít done anything that has to do with Rhyme and Reasonís predicament. I will let it slide since I have no idea if Nuva had done anything in the past Poohís Adventures that might support this theory that Rhyme and Reasonís rescue will undo the damage Nuva had done. Oh, and the Panther King from Conker the Squirrel is with Nuva as well. Nuva reveals that he has a mech that he will use against Milo. When everyone leaves, he makes a monologue on how he is pretty much a Knight Templar and that he plans to cleanse the world the same way Neo Queen Serenity cleanses the world. By removing the corrupted ones that refused to be cleansed.

Well, that ends part seven. Hark, your thoughts?

The King: Hm... Well I liked the parts with me in it.

We all do. Stay tuned for more.

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