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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:31:07

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Part Four: Justi-Pooh

Oh, hello... I am feeling fine now... It is just that... I may have found a good Poohís Adventures, and I did not find it after I tormented myself with three other Poohís Adventures. Sturgeon's Law has hurt me good. Alright, so when we last left off, Pooh does my job and points out who they really are. Alright then, so to recap what happened after my... episode, the dog just happens to be the very same dog from the book cover. Just that his clock is inside his stomach. Odd. Let us continue.

Part 4 out of 12

So the Watchdog (Haha. I think Mother Nature is at it again. Pun Count: 4) tells Milo to drive as the Lethargians return.

Tigger: Thisd doesnít look good.

Again, I know, juvenile, but hey, what can you do? Besides, why canít the Gundams blow up the Lethargians? I know, itís overkill and the Lethargians might just split into multiple pieces but hey, I have to find some problem to this somehow. Okay, so the Watchdog points out that the Lethargians do not want people to eat or breathe. You got to love the Oh, Crap! look on Genkimaruís face. Wait, if the Lethargians do not breathe... Then how the hell are they alive? Do they just lack lungs? So Pooh and his friends help Milo think (and I am having flashbacks to My Friends Tigger and Pooh) and Red Gundam (Bakunetsumaru) thinks of words that begin with J. Most of the time however, I am resisting having to laugh at Miloís drugged out looks and making a good lot of them my avatars, sadly, I made one. Okay, so Conker imitates the Watchdog as they escape. All without Pooh actually helping and instead having Bakunetsumaru saving their asses. Its nice how there is still that problem hanging about.

So Milo asks the Watchdog why he leaves the Lethargians alone (with a ďU MadĒ look on the dogís face), and he responds by saying he watches other people and for some reason, it lags. Okay, it is Triumph slowing down the movie a tad to show the subtitle, but it hurts the pacing. So anyways, the Watchdog joins the team as Shute, now in his proper voice, points out that they have not introduced themselves. THANK YOU! Why didnít Pooh bring this kid along when they were stalking the Olsen Twins? He could have reminded Pooh what happens to people who stalk little girls without saying why they are stalking them (then again, Pooh did have that special). So after everyone introduces themselves (Introduction count: 1) with the SD Gundams posing like they are in Power Rangers. Triumph101 explains that they are on a mission to save the worlds from evil, you know, the usual stuff. The Watchdog says his name is Tick Tock. (Get it? Pun Count: 5). Oh, and look, Genkimaru is lampshading on how Tick Tock will break into song... WAIT WHAT? (Triumph101 tells him to knock it off).

Time. Time. Time. Time. Time is a-

OH SCREW THIS! {hits a jukebox, which plays another song}

Time (time time time) For Power Rangers Time Force! Time (time time time) For Power Rangers Time Force! Time (time time time) For Power Rangers Time Force! TIME FORCE! TIME FORCE!

So Genkimaru is as annoyed of that song as I am and we begin to move on. Tick Tock (Seriously, Iím thinking of the crocodile whenever I type that) exposits on the two kingdoms and Howls Moving Castle In The Sky, with Dramatic Thunder accompanying it whenever people mention itís name (guess Ghibli is hated in this joint) and the group leaves. They soon come across a crazy doctor named Kakofonos A. DISCORD! I'M HOWLING AT THE MOON! AND SLEEPING IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUMMER AFTERNOON! ... Sorry about that... But like me, Kakofonos also breaks into song... We shall end the part there.

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