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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-05-17 08:27:34

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Part Three: Alive A Pooh

When we last left off Pooh and his friends, after four Pooh’s Adventures, someone finally notices something’s off about Pooh. Let’s watch as young Danny Zuko gets arrested.

Part 3 of 12. Quarter way done.

So Milo says that he has to go to Howls Moving Castle In The Sky and then all of a sudden, the cop freaks out. Guess he hates Studio Ghibli. Then some Samurai Gundam (Named Genkimaru) says they should keep going and Tigger calls him out for being rude. Odd, I didn’t think he was being rude.

Milo: Welcome to Expectations?

More importantly, my expectations for how Pooh’s Adventures would be awesome. It is pretty much in ruins now. So he goes and meets this old person known as the WEHZA man and Triumph101 makes a good impression of Milo. Also...

Milo/Triumph101 (There is a little confusion here): Could you tell me where the right road to Addictionopolis?

Hah. You know, I do wonder if there was an Addictionopolis. Would Charlie Sheen rule over it? Would the castle be built out of Cocoa Puffs? Would it be a Valhalla for celebrities whose lives have been ruined due to addictions? Would Fred Flintstone be the court jester? There are so many questions for this Addictionopolis that I want to go there instead of Christian Bale’s Bouncy Castle.

So anyways, it turns out that it is not the Weather Man, but the Whether Man. You know what, let us set up a count for how many word puns we can come across. (Word Pun Count: 2) So they leave the poor man as he flies up to a rain cloud. Sadly, it did not spew lightning but you cannot get what you want. Soon they pass... something and Milo, acting drugged out, starts saying how this was the best thing ever, and Genkimaru says, “Dude, I totally agree with you!” So wait, are they really on drugs? Because that is what I am thinking of. It reminds me of a scene in Family Guy where Stewie and Brian are either high or drunk and they talk about the meaning of life. You know, that actually makes sense. Milo is actually high and is having hallucinations of Pooh and his friends. That is my new theory. So he winds up in some swamp called the Doldrums (Tigger: The What Drums?) and he is introduced to the Lethargians (Guess what they do, pun count: 3) and Triumph101 asks for their help (I’d comment that the Lethargians say they are lost, but I think the blue subtitles indicate it’s still Triumph101 talking) as he thinks they are lost. The Lethargians respond with the fact that they don’t think. And then Shute talks and... Does he really sound like that? He sounds like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from The REAL Ghostbusters. Okay, sure, it’s Milo speaking but with Triumph switching whose mouth is moving similar to Triumph101, but that is the weirdest Vocal Dissonance I have ever heard. This is another tactic used in Pooh’s Adventures, but it is rarely used for good reasons. Who wants to hear Darth Vader sound like a little girl? Unless he has the same case as Al, then it is understandable. The first time I encountered this tactic was in the Double Double Boil and Trouble liveblog, where Bowser says, “Oh shut up.” So the Lethargians talk about the laws of the Doldrums and then... Do I hear guitar strums? Are the Lethargians synchronizing with the strums as if... Oh no... THEY ARE SINGING!

Okay, to put it short, the singing puts nearly everyone to sleep. Yes, they have become the Phantom Tollbooth version of Jigglypuff. But oh look, dog barks. Time to move the plot forward. So this Dog comes and chases the Lethargians (so much for being lethargic) off. This is probably where I began to notice that Chuck Jones animates the movie. Oh, and it talks.

Pooh: We are a bunch of stuffed of stuffed animals, one real animal, and robots riding with this boy...




It took him... This long... to admit that... No... There were many other times when you could have admitted that. But No... Tell the dog that looked like he came out of a Looney Tunes Cartoon that you are really a stuffed animal when you had me pointing this crap out for EVERY POOH’S ADVENTURES I WASTED MY PATHETIC LIFE ON! THIS GUY IS SHARING MY BRAIN WAVES! HE IS ALSO POINTING OUT THE ODDITIES! GIVE HIM A MEDAL, FOR HE HAS SOLVED ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN POOH’S ADVENTURES!

{Wataru and some men in white suits restrain Psyga as static begins to show, then cuts to a photo of a cat with the following subtitle}

We are very sorry for Psyga’s behaviour. We will try to calm him down in time for part four. Until then, here is a cute picture of a kitty.


Jun 8th 2011 at 1:53:10 AM
It's hilarious the way you do reviews as if they were TV broadcasts.

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