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Live Blog He is out to prove a point, and she is an addicting website. Together, They Fight Crime!
Ys2011-05-25 13:08:17

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The point of this live blog is a personal writing challenge - write a ~250 word blurb about (preferably a character introduction or pilot voice-over) the characters generated by the They Fight Crime generator (found on the appropriate trope page). Originality, and hilarity, are mandatory. Guest writers welcome! (Use the comments section, I guess...)

Round 1: "He's an otherworldly native American jungle king on the run. She's a hard-bitten antique-collecting stripper with someone else's memories. They fight crime!"

Whoooah boy, that's a doozey. Here we go!


May 25th 2011 at 3:37:26 AM
Now this is interesting. Might be pretty challenging, but there you go, what's a challenge if it's not hard, right? Also, will you be opening up for guest writers? It seems like that could be fun, in a megathread-type way, I guess.
May 25th 2011 at 1:07:10 PM
Why not? Original post edited so guest writers know that they are welcome! I suppose the format should go as such: Tagline: Show Title (Optional): Blurb (???/250): Extra (Because, why not?):

Remember, to keep this challenge legitimate, try to use the first tagline generated (unless you deem it so beyond anyone's imagination that it is impossible - if so, post it anyways! Laughs will be had and someone else may accept the challenge.)