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AmyChan2011-05-09 08:10:40

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Crossover Fanfiction pairings // K-On, OHSHC, TMOHS, Ghost Hunt , Kuro, etc.

I write crazy fanfiction. I never goddamn finish any of them, as Writer's Block often gets in the way. Although, I've been able to complete writing the personalities of my O Cs and some of the other characters.The result of pairings is ultimate mindfuck, and the story yet stranger than that. I'm not a yaoi / yuri fan (UNDERSTATEMENT), so don't expect much Male on Male or Female on Female. K-On is almost strictly straight in my story. Mugi- the exception, is bi. I have pregnant characters as well XDDD, most notebly, Haruhi Fujioka, who's dating Kyouya.Tamaki's reaction when he finds Haruhi is preggo = priceless. Mio's having a child also. tamaki's. and his reaction when he realizes that he's gonna be a father = oh so priceless, more so than the Haruhi pregnancy reaction.

Onto the point then with the crazy pairings.

Mio x Tamaki (they both freak out a LOT.) Mikuru x Honey (cutesy couple ☺) Yui x Hikaru (both the immature ones. in different ways) Ui x Karou ( THEY'RE LIKE TWINS WITH TWINS♥ when i put into consideration how much Yui and Ui look alike) Sebastian x Female OC- Amy (Amy is a OC that just happens to share much of my personality traits. Amazing— a self insert fic! Sebastian is also from another dimension / alternate world, explaining how he can have a contract under her as well as Ceil.) Mugi x Korean Male OC (her parents disapprove. sure, in earlier parts, she's in love with a gossiper at Sakura High named Nana Matano (also bi), and at one point, Kyouya, her next door neighbor. well, sorta. their mansions cover a very large plot of land and they're across from each other...) Haruhi S and Itsuki (at first) Haruhi S and Kyon (later) Yuki and the computer club guy (: the poor nerd needs someone. ^^ Itsuki and OC Twins Chi + Asa (Itsuki and twins— threesommmmmmmmeee...)

Oh well, I could go on all day. I was just extremely bored


May 9th 2011 at 8:03:27 PM
Ah, procrastination. A problem I have as well, and we're certainly not the only ones. And as for your listed pairings, while I'm familiar with less than half of the names listed, it seems that you're very enthusiastic about them and have planned out interesting stories for most of them. And if you don't put a part of your heart and soul into what you're writing, you will never get the best quality out of your work.

So, are you planning to update again? And if so, will the focus be on a story that incorporates one of these pairings? Even an ordinary pairing would fall flat if the world around them is bland, and I would be interested in seeing if your skills as an author can make these pairings work without resorting to contrived coincidences and Mary Sues. I do worry about your grammar, though...
May 12th 2011 at 3:19:43 PM
Thank you! I'm sorry about my grammer, I did this in a hurry— and things never turn out well when I'm rushing. By the way, Yes, I'm planning to update again. I don't consider myself the best writer - nor the worst writer. I'm absolutely OCD about getting my stories perfect — because every time I see another fanfiction, I always feel it's better than mine. I just seem so sure of the plot, the story, the pairings, but never manage to actually publish nor finish them. Procrastination has been a problem I've had since elementarty school, as well as ADD and OCD. It's more of a curse then a gift - I'm basically a smart person with a learning block, which is a struggle.
Feb 16th 2012 at 3:02:47 PM
uh...haha read the manga haruhi and tamaki end up together