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Live Blog Let's Dream: Spain Sun Plays LSD Dream Emulator
SpainSun2011-05-07 17:14:39

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A foreward, this Liveblog will be done in an interesting (I think) style, as a first person pseudo narrative, primarily focused on what I see in the game. Since LSD Dream Emulator is a very strange game. I will post pictures of anything I find interesting via photobucket and my computer's screencap function.

Any notes will be up here, the story starts after the line. Tell me what you think.

Day One:

I awoke today in a house (or should I say apartment?) with yellow walls. At my feet was a diary and a camera, I would describe the house in more detail, but unfortunately, I bumped into a wall and discovered the first strange thing about I was teleported instantly, only a brief flash of white indicating anything out of the ordinary had happened at all.

I came upon a place resembling feudal-area Kyoto, it was deserted, though this may have had something to do with it being night outside, I first thought of entering a few buildings, but it occurred to me that touching them might simply transport me elsewhere. It is perhaps unfair to call this realm uninhabited, creatures did float by me. They resemble living shrine statues, where they are from, and what purpose they serve is a mystery to me. All my attempts to interact with them failed, I even tried striking one, but unfortunately, that telported me again.

I ended up in a desert at night, the only feature—so far as I could tell—was a single massive signpost covered in illegible text. I quickly approached and touched the signpost, I would be unable to survive in a desert at night, as temperatures there become frigid. As I hoped, it transported me elsewhere.

I found myself in a place that I can describe only as a toyland. It was fascinating in an odd way, though my footsteps made a loud, annoying sound against the odd tile. I came upon a royal palace, trumpeters outside heralded my arrival, I attempted to interact with them, but like with the statue creatures, to no avail, as they merely ignored me and continued to trumpet. I entered the palace, despite seeming large on the outside, in consisted only of a throne room. I watched the royal couple ball dance, but again, no interaction was capable. I begun to think that tying was a vain effort.

I departed from the palace, and after coming upon a group of tiles that make a dreadful squealing noise when you step on them, I found a red lake. I reached out and touched the water, only to have it transport me back to the desert, but this time, I could see a grassy field in the distance, which I walked towards. The field and desert had a nearly razor thin line separating them, which was strange, stranger still was the rocky mountain rising up from the field. Though perhaps calling it a mountain is generous, as I could easily scale it by walking up it. At the summit was a door, floating in midair and connected to nothing, not even the ground. It opened....invitingly, so, so invitingly. And I walked in. I was immediately terrified, there was no door back out, and I found myself in a place that was entirely greyscaled, made up of floating, immobile perfect cubes. Only a large cube connected to the "floor" (which was invisible) had a tunnel leading out of it. A tunnel I very quickly entered.

The last part of this adventure, I can not quite explain. I found myself in a field (the same one? I am unsure) near a gigantic pit, floating out of the pit was an enormous—no joke—pink elephant made of some kind of energy, it was clearly not solid and rather resembled a balloon animal. But the strangest thing was the pit itself, it's yawning seemed to beckon to me. And in a lapse of judgement, I threw myself into its bottomless embrace.

I woke up in my bed, of course. But I can safely say this was no dream, or at least, no ordinary one. For the diary and camera I found on the floor were at my bedside upon my awakening. I got the photos developed and pasted them to the pages of the diary I'm now writing in.

This has been an immensely disturbing experience.


The Royal Couple

The Chasm


May 8th 2011 at 4:32:04 PM
Interesting bit of dream logic you applied when you were in the desert. Personally, I don't think desert temperatures would have been the thing on my mind in that situation.
May 16th 2011 at 7:56:32 PM
This will probably be an awesome liveblog, however, don't you know that people in dreams usually have a dream mindset of their own, and if they don't they can control the dream? It's kind of silly other wise, putting logic into dreams.