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Live Blog Liveblog: Pokemon Yellow minus pokeballs
Mysterion2011-05-05 20:02:35

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Ah, the Pokemon series. Where children of all ages capture powerful beasts and take advantage of their honor codes for protection. While also trying To Be a Master, whatever that means.

It started with Red and Green, with the simple plot of writing an encyclopedia, fighting Elites, and having several run-ins with organized crime. Each subsequent game has tweaked the gameplay and refined the plot a bit. By now, the changes have added up to the point where White and Black might as well be a different series.

This isn't the first Pokemon liveblog on this site, nor will it be the last. Now for the twists:

1. Gameplay

  • For this challenge, I will not be purchasing or using any form of Poke Balls. With this being Pokemon "Special Pikachu Edition", I won't have a choice of who to start with. But eventually, there will be plenty of Gift Pokemon to chose from.

2. Plot

  • The remainder of this blog will be written mostly in character, with the exception of gameplay explanations. (Boss profiles, ect.)
  • I will try to give each team member a personality.
  • From time to time, I will put up interlude chapters about what else is happening in the pokemon world at about that time, in the style of Dissidia's Reports.

Back in the Gameboy era, plot and character motivations weren't as fleshed out as they are now, although Pokemon wasn't as bad about this as some other games. My attempted expansions are not out of disrespect for the original content, just a reflection about how many blanks to fill in games of that era tended to have.

3. Audience participation

  • I will be taking suggestions about how to build up my team.
  • Notably, there are two decisions in the early game I will want all your help deciding.
    • Which fossil should I pick up in Mt. Moon? (Helix/Omanyte, or Dome/Kabuto)
    • Who should be taught the Cut HM? (Bulbasaur or Charmander. Note that there will be other Fire Types available, but no other Grass Types.)

Well, I hope this will prove entertaining to you all.


May 6th 2011 at 7:37:19 PM
Are you allowed to get Pokémon from the casino?

I'd say give Bulbasaur the Cut HM since his poison-type is going to wreck a good amount of his combat potential. As for the fossils...Omanyte. If you can't attack first in this game you need to be able to take hits.

I do believe this will prove entertaining. Though I wonder why you decided on Yellow instead of Red/Blue? If it were Red/Blue your team would pretty much be set in stone from the start, though I suppose that's why it's Yellow instead.
May 6th 2011 at 7:49:28 PM
As I mentioned, Yellow has one of the best selections of Gift Pokemon of any generation. Casino Pokemon will be legal. The most likely selections from that will be Abra and Vulpix.

Bulbasaur's primary purpose will end up being defense against Electric types. Although Blue Purple's Jolteon will have Pin Missile...