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Live Blog Nothing is Sacred Anymore! Let's MST A Fanfic: LOVE, BULLETS AND IMMORTALITY
sanityisoverrated2011-05-03 05:53:44

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Introduction: The Only Sane Part of this Blog

I used to believe there was a God, once. Yes, one time I believed in all the things that Evangelists like to shove down everyone's throats, except not nearly as extremely. It all changed when I discovered Now, I know the truth.

Because no God would allow the abominations known as fan-fiction. For every good one, another 20 horrific ones exist. A good place to start with my undoubtedly won-ton amounts of fanfic MS Tings would be what I call the 'Conor the Gary-Stu' Saga, a series of Sonic the Hedgehog fanfics by one Conor T. Hedgehog, based on the writer's fan-character of the same name. He has crafted FOUR stories so far, with the fourth still being made.

So, what is so wrong with this author's fanfics? Well...

'Blaze moved quickly pointing the gun at Conors head he didn't move or flinch Amys arm trembled and she let go of the gun. Blaze held the gun but stopped and gave it to him .Conor smiled took the guns back and twirled one on his finger spinning and flicking it (Like Ocelot from MGS3) he pointed it at his head and shouted BANG! He pulled the trigger and the gun fired killing himself he fell over Blaze stared on in disbelief and Amy covered her eyes. All of a sudden he winced then his head moved he jumped up and the bullet fell out of the hole in which he was shot he cracked his neck and said "Now wasn't that fun"'

If you can read that AND understand it without re-reading once, I salute you. Also, one of the few times he uses quotation marks in the entire story, and possibly the sequels (oh yes, when I get to them, I will be commenting on them whilst reading them for the first time. Lord, help me).

Oh, and, you may read the story alongside me: Click at your own risk.


May 3rd 2011 at 9:08:37 AM
The reason I stopped writing fanfics is because I realized I tended to use mostly original characters and deviate heavily from the prevailing themes of the original work.

I'm not saying that this guy's stuff would be any better if it didn't involve Sonic the Hedgehog (well, okay, that's exactly what I'm saying; I'm not saying it would actually be ''good), but seriously. I don't know how you can look at this and say "I am proud of this, I better post it immediately."