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Live Blog Sanity is Cheap! Let's Play Touhoumon Insane!
CaperNerd2011-05-09 13:16:17

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All this for the second rival battle!?

Since so much is changed around in this game visually, I figured I'd include a few screenshots of the places I've been thus far. Youkai Town (aka Pallet Town): 1 2 3 Route 1: 1 2 3

And now, after beating that trainer that decided to stake out Route 1 to ambush rookies, we're in the Human Village! Screenshots: 1 2 3 This old guy is blocking our way, as usual.

Anyway, now that we're at the Human Village, time to heal up at the... Eirin Center? Note the Nurse Joy's clothing. Then we grab the parcel from the local mart, I believe they're called Kirisame Mart in this hack and all are run by Rinnosuke. Business as usual, business as usual. Though I do feel the need to point out that, even in the pokemon games, this is an entirely pointless Fetch Quest. I mean, why doesn't the professor just GIVE us the pokedexes from the start? It would save us the trouble of having to run back to Pallet... err, Youkai Town again!

But now the pokedex... err, I mean "Tohodex" is in our possession, as well as a couple of Yin Seals (read: Pokeballs). Don't think there's any need for screenshots of the return trip to Youkai Town to get said tohodex, though it's worth noting that the professor's parcel is a bunch of touhou doujins instead of a custom pokeball this time. They better not be hentai, old man. He also tells us that his dream was to make a complete guide on all the lolis in Gensokyo. Damn it, Oak!

Skipping past that, let's catch some puppets instead!

First up, cMystia: Capture Dex Entry She's our typical early game Normal/Flying, though her later evolutions are actually fairly defensive.

Next, cChen: Capture Dex Entry In spite of what the dex entry says, she's a fast, frail, physical sweeper.

cAlice: Capture Dex Entry A fairly balanced special sweeper. Gains the ice-type when she evolves.

Finally, cNazrin: Capture They have Pickup for an ability. I'll be catching at least five of these things ideally. They also seem to be national dex puppets, so I actually couldn't get the dex entry. Wonder if that means I can't evolve her?

After catching all the Route 1 puppets, I then set to capturing those previously mentioned Nazrins while slaughtering everything that isn't gray and mousey that appears before me. Athena is level 14 by the time we're done. I think it's time we healed up and went to check on our rival! Going to see her again brings us through Route 22.

Route 22 Puppets: cChen, cMystia, cMomiji (Normal), cNazrin, cShizuha (Grass), cMedicine (Grass/Poison). Levels 5-8. Some new puppets here, but there will be time for capture after our level 14 cMarisa kicks Karen's butt. I mean, heck, the worst I've faced so far is a trainer with two level 8 puppets! What's the worst she could have?

Oh. That. A bit of an explanation here about the evolutions, the order is Chibi-> Normal -> EX -> Last Word. This is Normal Aya, or just Aya.

Karen's Team at this point: Aya Lv.25 (Normal/Flying), Sanae Lv.28 (Grass/Water), Flandre Lv.26 (Dark/Fire), and Chen Lv.26 (Ground)

Yeah, needless to say Karen pretty much oneshots all my puppets with just Aya's Quick Attack at this point. I think we'll be needing to grind a bit and get a proper team together. Good thing Route 22 has higher level puppets. Seriously though, where the hell did she grind that much in so little time? Where did she even get an Aya? WHERE DID SHE GET A FREAKING FLANDRE!? THAT thing is probably going to be the biggest pain on her team. Flandre, in pretty much all her forms, is a glass cannon akin to Deoxys' normal/attack forms in the Pokemon games. She's not as fast, though. I might be able to outspeed her with some of my faster puppets once they level up. If not, priority moves will be the way to go.

But first, more captures!

cMomiji: Capture Dex Entry Fast physical sweeper with good physical defense. Knows Roar, so it can be a pain to catch.

cMedicine: Capture Dex Entry Bloody poison body. Purely defensive puppet, though her attacking stats aren't completely unusable. Had to run to the Eirin Center after that one...

cShizuha: Capture Dex Entry Sunny Day sweeper. Defenses aren't the best but she has good hp.

Girls are now grinding...

I decide to level up, among my current puppets, cMomiji, Athena, cMedicine, cChen, cMystia, and cAlice. Oh, and here's a picture of Route 22, if you were curious. Yeah, that's about it really. Also, thanks to all those Nazrins, money shouldn't be a problem for a while and I have more berries than I'll ever know what to do with.

End result of my training...

Athena: Spore, Swift, Thundershock, Steal. Expecting her to at least take down Aya for me.

Momiji: Scratch, Detect, Quick Attack, Howl. Potential Flandre-killer. She's fast, she has STAB Quick Attack. Kinda wish she had a better move than Scratch though.

Medicine: Poison Sting, Acid, Razor Leaf, Stun Spore. Don't get much more anti-Sanae than this. She was a pain in the ass to level though. Until level 14 her best attack was Poison Sting, and even then she didn't have enough of an attack stat to do major damage with Acid. Evolved and learned Razor Leaf at level 18, though. Nice. With Razor Leaf she should be good against Chen too.

Chen: Scratch, Mud Shot, Quick Attack, Mud Sport. If she can outspeed Flandre, a Mud Shot will end it.

Mystia: Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Gust, Sing. Should be able to get some good use out of Sing and Quick Attack.

cAlice: Trance, Aura Beam, Doll Strings, Psychic Pulse. Practically filler, really. Can do some nice damage for a chibi but I'd be surprised if she gets an attack off.

During the training, I make a quick trip to Route 2.

Route 2 Puppets: cChen, cMystia, cLunachild (Electric), cStar S (Water), cSunnymilk (Fire), and cMedicine. As you can probably guess, I caught the fairies. This proved to be an easier route to train cChen at. Level Range 3 - 8.

Now that my team is finally ready, let's try talking to Karen again. We run into her if we try to continue to the puppet league. After she tells us to bugger off and collect all the badges, she challenges us to a fight.

As it turns out, Flandre isn't my biggest problem. Nor is she as frail as I thought. No, that Sanae of her's basically OHKO's my entire team at this point. And Aya's use of Sand-Attack is more than a little annoying. Still, I was able to get pretty close enough times that I decided to use the Noob Candies (Read: Rare Candies, +1 level) I had on hand to give Mystia 2 more levels and Marisa and Chen 1 more level. The result?


Aya goes down in two Thundershocks from Athena, though Athena takes a rather large amount of damage from Aya's attacks. Medicine takes Chen out like she's nothing. Sanae proves problematic against Mystia and takes her out, but I manage to recover with some well-timed confusion luck and take out her Sanae without it getting a chance to heal. Flandre then goes down in two Mud Shots from Chen after narrowly surviving a Fire Punch. The pause when Mystia goes down would be me going "aw crap, what now?" Karen ends the battle saying, "Aww, you just lucked out!" No kidding...

Anyway, now that Karen is defeated, she tells me to get a move on and runs off. Now it's time to head through... Death Forest? Well that seems pretty dark...


Correction, it's VERY dark. And maze-like.

Hoo boy... this could take a while...


May 2nd 2011 at 10:53:28 AM
Honestly I'd just use an infinite rare candy cheat at this point.

I can't see this being fun AT ALL any other way.

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