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Live Blog Stevebat runs blind again This time MINISH CAP
stevebat2011-04-12 20:16:40

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A warning I love to go on about the plot so there will be a lot of dry paragraphs.

So here we have a Legend Of Zelda game that I have not played before. I have heard about seen demo's of it here and there, but have not played it myself. I consider that a pretty big deal considering how much I love the series. So to begin I start the game up and pick a name. feeling particularly lazy and wanting to stick close to the plot I use the name Link.

Exposition time. Far as I can tell the opening exposition is pretty vague talking about a hero who defeats a great darkness with a master sword. Congratulations that describes almost every LOZ game in the series. I assume the introduction is referring to 4 swords adventure for the Gamecube.

First scene first character Zelda walking towards a house. Apparently she is paying the master smith a visit. Oh apparently she just wanted to see Link. Well good morning Link. In a blink and you'll miss it moment Link gets dressed while flipping out of bed, that takes skill. Link see's smith Zelda asks Link out and Master Smith gives Link the sword to take it to the minister. This should go well right? Master Smith : "Princess Zelda is a Princess even though you guys were once friends... Be careful out there" huh that's a twist.

Control again I do the most appropriate thing to do in a Lo Z game and rob the old man of 20 rupees. I love how things work out like that. Okay leaving the house and following Zelda... to a town that's 20 feet away. =/. And wow this fair looks a lot like the fair from chrono trigger complete with a big bell as the centerpiece.

Zelda wins a Grand Prize drawing (So thats why ganon kept kidnapping her...) and picks the shield over what looks to be a 50 rupee gem and a Heart Container, and then she gives Link the prize. Interesting. and of course the game points out how tiny the shield is. next off To the Castle!

First thing I see is a Deku Scrub. and of course it hits on zelda. Fortunately she has plot armor and all it does is cause her to complain about the pain. One shield reflect later and the scrub spills his guts (NOT LITERALLY).

Things went smoothly now we are at the castle I present the sword to the minister guy and now we get to watch the awards ceremony... They used a sprite version of King Daphnes from Wind Waker? Lets take note of this quote:"Vaati, Champion of the competition you may approach the blade." EPIC FAIL INCOMING. And of course the guardsmen who actually attack the villain for once simply get the Toad treatment. Vaati casts big spell everybody gets sent flying EXCEPT Zelda who had a bubble on her and link whose shield somehow protected him from that spell. Link gets effectively pwned and zelda gets turned to stone.

Cut to later on link wakes up from pwning and does another masterful get dressed flip. King delivers a grand speech that can be summed up as this "Zelda is cursed Link fix this." Exposition is finally over I have a sword I have a shield now is the time to go out and reforge the Master Sword Picori Blade.