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Live Blog Echo Bazaar: Beer and Stories from the neath
JosefBugman2011-04-08 16:05:58

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Hello again guys, I'm Josefbugman, you may remember me from such liveblogs as "Echo bazaar" yes I did try and do one already from the depths of the neath, though because of the single response I decided to discontinue it.

And to show that I am a glutton for punishment I have decided to start it up again. Every Friday I will be writing up the details of what has been going on in my week in the neath. Alongside this I will also be posting random details about the beer that I am purchasing each week as part of a bet with a friend/new years resolution.

Lets begin with a quick bit of background on Echo Bazaar. Have a read of the trope page for some of the more troperific details of events and ideas common in underground London. Essentially the entire city of london was, in the year of our lord 1859, picked up and placed underground by bats, most people think this has something to do with the Traitor Empress but that seems a bit too obvious for this game.

In this particular labrynith when you start the game you find yourself trapped inside New Newgate prison, inside a gigantic stalagtite hanging from the roof of the Bazaar with nothing but the prison Clothes you stand up in. It was here that I would make my start in discovering the secrets of the Neath, making a name for myself and where I hoped to gain fame, fortune and a whole host of dead Rats. I'll continue the story soon, but at the moment I think it best if I simply leave this here for a moment.

(Beer drunk: Beowulf Strong Mild 7.7% proof. Ludicrously sticky, definetly NOT what you want when faced with a warm day outside)

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