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Bladist2011-04-13 17:56:36

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Chapter 0 - Introduction

A bit of info before I begin:

Etrian Odyssey 3 is the third installment in the popular Etrian Odyssey series localized by ATLUS. The series centers around large monster-filled mazes referred to as labyrinths, that also are said to possess untold riches and fame and stuff. Players start by creating a guild and choose members from several classes each, gathering a party of up to five members and venturing forth into the labyrinth.

Hello all, and welcome to Tv Tropes The Webcomic Liveblogs Etrian Odyssey 3. To be more specific, welcome to a Liveblog of Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City, starring several members of the TV Tropes Webcomic cast.

This is meant to tie in with the "TVTW Plays EO3" story arc of the webcomic, so tropes need not be added to its mainspace. Being the author of the Bronze Age has its benefits.

As this is expected to be a text-heavy blog (unless I can get some help for screenshots, at which point it will be text-heavy with pictures), I will set up the writing as follows:

  • Bladist: People talking will be denoted by their name and a colon preceding their lines
  • >System displayed messages, including damage and narration, will be preceded by a greater-than sign
  • Thoughts, descriptions, and observations will be italicized
  • Important Stuff will be in bold.
  • [Locations will be in brackets]
    • Bladist: [Actions taken while speaking will be placed in brackets during speech lines]
  • >>Menu navigation will be started with a double greater-than, and each action will be pointed to with a single greater-than.

My own musings will be straight text as above and here.

NOTE: I am writing this blog to be a mixture of humor and information, so expect a large number of liberties with the script. Also, I will be playing this twice through, to get the true ending as well as one other. Additionally, as I utterly suck at all of the EO series other than the first, I will be using cheats.

Special thanks goes out to:

  • The guys who made the awesome DeSmuME
  • Action Replay for making this game manageable
  • Zurcamos07, for writing the awesome walkthrough I'm using to get through this
  • The original author, for creating the Tv Tropes Webcomic
  • Neoseeker
  • ATLUS, for getting off on our tears
  • ROMs
  • Gabriel Z (rest in peace, man)
  • All of you guys at TV Tropes, for putting up with inanity on a daily basis.

And now...the lead-up:

[G-Corp Main Building, Computer Room #47]

Gabe: There you guys are. I'm glad you decided to come.

Ere: "Decided", nothing. It's not like you gave us much of a choice.

Gabe: If you want me to keep repairing your limiters as well as let you live here, you have to do things like this.

Report: I still don't see why you won't give us the "close-friend discount".

Axel: [walks up] This is the close-friend discount. Rent and repairs aren't cheap.

Ere: Why are you here?!

Axel: Damage control. Gabe, you do realize there's a lightning storm going on outside, right?

Gabe: Of course. I need it for my new invention, which I have yet to unveil.

Report: So unveil it, then.

Gabe: So, without further ado, lady and gentleman (and Axel), I give you...[pulls back cloth]

Report: A laptop?

Gabe: Not just any laptop! This laptop contains emulators for every single game console ever made!

Report: Dude!

Axel: You idiots and your video games.

Gabe: 64 YB HDD, 8 TB of RAM, and a battery charge life lasting for a minimum of 90 hours of constant use!

Ere: And you need the lightning storm why?

Gabe: The battery's not gonna charge itself.

Ere: Then why don't you do it, Mr. Walking Energy Reactor?

Gabe: That...I...good point. Report, unplug the power cable.

Report: [does so] Where should I put it?

Gabe: The Cyber Lazer needs charging; plug it into that.

Report: 'Kay [does so]

Ere: I'm scared to think what you'd use to charge that up now.

Gabe: Oh, Ere, have we only been friends since yesterday? You should know full and well what I will use. I will use...

Ere: Don't say penis, don't say penis...

Gabe: My finger! [inserts finger into AC slot]

Ere: Oh, thank god.

Axel: [turns around] Gabe, your laser's pointing right at us.

Gabe: [not paying attention] And?

Axel: Remember what happened last time you had the thing plugged in during a lightning storm?

Gabe: And?

[Axel sighs]

Lightning strikes, and inside, the laser begins to hum and glow

Axel: ...I claim no responsibility for this.

Everyone else: For what?

The laser fires, and everyone has disappeared. However, the laptop's screen remains glowing.


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