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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Triple Liveblog Edition
Psyga3152012-10-30 20:57:05

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Meeting, Revenge, and Spying

Hey everyone, Psyga315 back here again. Since the new Kamen Rider movie, Let’s Go Kamen Rider, is set to premiere on April 1st, I decided to do another Pooh’s Adventures. AGAIN? OH COME ON! {calms down} Now, I will do something not in the norm and liveblog three things at once. Here, let me explain: Some time ago, Tbromyard90, the writer of the Kamen Rider comment stories I mention in the Pooh's Adventures told me that he liked my plugs and how I value his comments over the actual movies. So I am deciding to liveblog his comment story on today's Pooh's Adventures: Pooh's Adventures of Happily Ever After. What is Happily Ever After? It's a movie based off Snow White that tells what happens after the story ends. It was made by the same guys who made He-Man, so this is a good thing right? Oh, and here comes the third thing I must liveblog: remember all those jokes about how if I were to look at the whole movie, I would be livebloging the movie and not Pooh? Well, I will do it. I am gonna live blog the whole movie. No skipping or anything. Why? Well, Bowsermovies1989 states that his movie is the sequel to another Pooh's Adventures. This by extension makes Happily Ever After no longer a direct sequel to Snow White, but a direct sequel to a specific Snow White. I'll let you make your own conclusion as to which Snow White. Now, this speaks of Sequelitis. I will watch the film as if it was the sequel to that Snow White. Will I survive? Well...



Part One of Nien Nien Nien Nien Nien Nien!

Here's how it will work, I will look at the video, while cramming in the Comment Story. So we start off with the usual intro, thank God we don't have to go through the lengthy intro like with the Alien Invaders. We then have this epic version of the Winnie The Pooh song. I have no idea how Bowser obtained it, but it's catchy and exaggerates the epicness that is Pooh's Adventures. As stated before, I love crossovers. Darth Vader and Boba Fett have been replaced by Jack Skellington. A warning: I know nothing on Nightmare Before Christmas. It wasn't until a few months ago that I listened to one song and liked it. THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN!

So we begin with the magic mirror telling the story. The first thing we notice is that the Mirror lacks his original voice actor and speaks in rhyme. So he tells of how the Prince rescued Snow White (Make as many jokes as you wish). I recall that Snow White had short hair. The mirror then says that the story isn't over.

And then we start off with a dragon! COOL! So, we arrive at this castle where a bunch of monsters are partying... Flat "What."? Uh... this is the sequel to Disney's Snow White, right? I don't recall the Evil Queen having a lot of monsters with her. That would be Maleficent, and if I recalled, they didn't look like what these monsters looked like. HOLY CRAP! LOOK AT THE VILLAIN ROSTER! OOGIE BOOGIE? MALEFICENT? URSELA? THE DUKE OF OWLS? JAFAR (so much for being trapped for 10,000 years)? HADES? This is all reminding me of Kingdom Hearts. No, think about it, there is an alliance of villains plotting the heroes' defeat... this is sounding a lot better than Kingdom Hearts in fact. The only member that's missing is Captain Hook and it would be a complete Disney Villain cast from the first Kingdom Hearts game. So Iago lampshades how Pooh would win some and they would almost win others and Jafar tells him that things will be different as Bowser is bringing a surprise with him.

So we have these two... animals. A red owl and a blue bat. I will let you assume who's the angry one. So Batso has potential for a Heel–Face Turn, what with his whole "I don't wanna be bad" act. Skowl on the other hand reminds me of a strange cross between Boss and Bluebeard. Blueboss? then the villain of the week pops in. Oh, and Bowser. So, bringing this blue skinned villain was the "surprise" that will turn the tide in the battle against a stuffed animal and his band of misfits. And sadly, it's not Megamind. So... who is this villain? Well, lets spin the "Generic Sequel Villain Generator" and see... And the winner is... Relative to the previous villain! This villain is the Evil Queen's brother. Remember the New Guy? much? So he demands where his sister is and Bowser Junior tells him to use the mirror. Thanks for asking him to do the obvious. AND HI ALICE IN WONDERLAND INSPIRED MIRROR! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE ACTUAL MIRROR'S PLACE? HOLY SHIT! MALISS HAS LAZER BEAMZ IN HIS EYEZ! Sadly, they can't kill people (Or can they?). However, the mirror is immune to laser beams (mirrors deflect lasers, duh) and I am reminded of that scene from Shrek where Lord Farquaad had one of his men break a mirror to interrogate the mirror. Maliss picks up a mace and the Mirror tells him that the Queen is dead. Cue Villainous Big "WHAT?!".

So the mirror shows Snow White and the Prince (does he even have a name?) are walking. Wow. The Prince is a redhead and Snow White's hair has grown! Then Maliss swears revenge as he warps reality to his will. Who could blame him? His sister died and he's pretty pissed off at it. Too bad the Mirror didn't mention about the fact that she was chased by the drawfs and she tried to kill them by hurling a boulder at them but then lightning struck and she fell down, or if you take the Pooh's Adventures version into account, Ash murdered her by having Pikachu use thunder bolt. I think I will like this guy.

But not as much as I will like the character in the Comment Story: Kamen Rider New Den-O. Don't worry, I will explain the Kamen Rider terms to those new to Kamen Rider.

So somewhere in the middle of all this, The NEW Denliner (a giant bullet train that travels through time and maybe alternate worlds) closes in to the castle. Kotaro (New Den-O) uses Shotaro's Bat Shot and Stag Phone (a camera and a phone that can transform into robotic versions of their respective animals) to spy on the villains. They see Maliss controlling reality (or the laws of nature, take your pick) and Kotaro and his Imagin (Genies that grant wishes in trade for going back into the past and wrecking stuff up. Some Imagin are good though) buddy Teddy (He turns into a BFS) decide to stick around. Yeah, I could have picked the "how come the villains can't see a large bullet train outside" but I feel generous towards Tbromyrad. Besides, I assume the villains are too busy talking to the AiW!Mirror.

We are done for Part One. Tune in next time.


Nov 14th 2012 at 12:32:11 AM
Interesting. I want to hear more about it.