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Live Blog Grudge Match: Chainsaw Versus The Creative Assembly. (Complete)
GameChainsaw2011-04-06 07:54:34

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So They Think They Have Me Beat Do They?

Greetings again! This is going to be a very different liveblog to the Total War blogs I've done in the past. Its not going to have much story line, instead being presented in a simple play-by-play, turn-by-turn After-Action Report. Why? Because I'm about to conduct a Shogun II campaign on legendary. Because I haven't lost a campaign since Viking Invasion in the Total War series, and I just got smashed as the Oda in Shogun II when jumping in off the deep end.

Its on Creative Assembly.

Its a grudge match between Chainsaw and the worst the Creative Assembly and their dark overlords SEGA can throw at him; Shogun II on Legendary campaign difficulty. >D Only one can survive...

To summarise, I'm going to see how badly I get my ass kicked seriously trying to win a legendary campaign in Shogun II, despite having not completed any of the lower difficulties. This, I have to admit, is something of a pride point for me; I haven't lost a game of Total War since Viking Invasion and Shogun just gave me a rude awakening that the Total War games have gotten harder since my rampages across Europe in Rome or Medieval II. I don't consider myself a particularly hardcore gamer; I have very little online experience, but I at least tend to consider myself superior to the AI, above its cheap tricks and awful pathfinding decisions! Shoguns AI sets out to prove me wrong, and so far, I have to admit I'm impressed. Will it triumph, or shall I?

I'll be updating a turn a day, so as to keep it light. (and stop myself from getting too wrapped up and gaming myself into a corner.) This will be a simple AAR with little characterisation (I might later do a more in-depth one on Very Hard or Hard difficulty, assuming I don't find myself getting my ass handed to me on those difficulties!) I still have very little experience in Shogun II, so this is certainly going to be an enlightenment... possibly a painful one, for my men at least.