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This is inspired by Psyga315's brilliant recaps of the Pooh's Adventures videos. You rock!

YouTube can be a great website, allowing one to post up their vocal thoughts on the world, edits of movies and television shows and amusing footage of their feline companions. Unfortunately, like most things, there is a lot of shit put up on YouTube, and then there’s some videos which are just plain weird. Videos that, no matter how many times they are rewatched, fail to make sense and leave one wondering what was going on in the creator’s mind. Some Youtube Poops are like that. Hell, I’ve even made one or two of those. However, there is probably no Youtube series more bizarre than the infamous ‘Pooh’s Adventures’ series.

You’ve probably heard of them. The idea is to take a Disney movie, and insert clips from Winnie the Pooh in it. You read that right. I can’t really explain it that well, so I’ll just link to this.

The strangest thing is that this series actually has spin-offs. Videos where people take Disney movies and put in clips of characters other than Pooh and chums. For example, I happened upon a video called ‘Ash’s Adventures of Aladdin’. The title filled me with glee as I imagined Agrabah being invaded by deadites, Genie reading the Necronomicon and Jafar being cut up by a chainsaw.

But it was the Pokemon Ash. Go figure.

One such spinoff is the ‘Spongebob and Friends’ series by an eager young man by the name of Scroopfan3212311. But he didn’t just take a movie, add in Spongebob and call it a day, no. He added a whole bunch of other cartoons to the movies –the characters from Madagascar, the Fearsome Five and most prominently, the Lion King hyenas- and actually tried to add some ongoing storyline throughout the ‘moisodes’ of this series. (‘Moisodes’ is the creator’s term for movie-length episodes. Wouldn’t ‘movisodes’ work better?)

He’s given this treatment to the likes of Aladdin, Hercules, The Black Cauldron and yes, Alice in Wonderland. The resulting videos are absolute messes, poorly-edited and discombobulated, yet they have this odd appeal to them, and are strangely difficult to hate, for me at least (okay, I’m a bit mad he raped the most epic Disney song ever.).Basically, they’re so bad it’s good, or rather so insane they’re entertaining. And one such insane edit is Spongebob and friends go on the quest for camelot (lack of capitalisation his).

If you’re going to make a fanedit that uses ninety per cent of a movie, Quest For Camelot isn’t exactly a good choice for that movie. Having been mocked by both The Agony Booth ( and The Nostalgia Critic ( ), it is bland, boring, and above all cliché. It lacks the vigour of an early 90’s Disney movie, the sophistication of Toy Story and Rango, and even the joyful insanity of Rock A Doodle. Spongebob and Friends Go on the Quest for Camelot, however, has enough insanity to make even the Joker scratch his head in disbelief. So yeah. Taking the most vanilla animated movie ever and making it as crazy as a Don Bluth picture takes talent.

So, like Psyga's Pooh's Adventures Liveblogs, I will be looking at this particular episode and Spongebob and Friends. As with that blog, I will focus on the added bits more than the movie itself. If you want a recap of the movie, check out the aforementioned Agony Booth and Nostalgia Critic recaps. Let’s begin, shall we?


Requiem for a Dream? Oh yeah, this is off to a good start.

We begin with a recap, told through the magic of WMM text, telling us about how Spyro The Dragon cured Cynder of her darkness...wait, Spyro? See what I meant about him stuffing a shitload of other characters into this series? Does Spyro even fit into the Spongebob universe? So anyway, Cynder got cured, but due to ‘sinister and myserious strangers’ she became evil again. Which pretty much reminds me of Mary Marvel’s story in Countdown To Final Crisis. Oh boy. Not even a minute in and I’m reminded of something we all want to forget.

And who are these strangers? Dr Facilier of Princess And The Frog, Scroop of Treasure Planet and...some cheetahs from the Timon And Pumbaa cartoon? SINISTER. But then we are told about the ‘teaherious of them all’, Lord Cobra, a monster full of ‘jeliusy and hatred’. From what we can see though, he seems to be a big black blob among some red.

Cynder’s corruption by the ‘villain leage’ forced Spyro into hiding, as she became more powerful than ever, we are told. But don’t worry, folks! The forces of evil weakened due to...Shenzi the hyena? Yes, she apparently defeated Lord Cobra, as a badly-manipulated image shows us. She sure seems embarrassed to have saved the world. Maybe she think she’d look bad in front of the other villainous minions, I don’t know.

Then we find out that more members joined Spongebob’s ‘shell louge squad’. Shell louge? What is a louge? Urban Dictionary has a definition for that word, but that definition should not be applied to Spongebob or Disney. Is it a misspelling of ‘lounge’? If so, that means these toons either own a nightclub ‘The Shell Lounge’, or are a bunch of lazy asses. Or is it a misspelling of ‘luge’? Because a bunch of cartoon characters in luge races against villains sounds awesome. Is there a cartoon about luge races? With talking robot luges? But I digress.

Then there’s a big HOWEVER... so shit just got real. Apparently Cynder is the ‘greatist and powerful threat any world has ever known’ and if she finds Spyro, all is lost or something. Then there’s a bunch of sped-up clips. Spongebob singing, the hyenas talking, Iago singing...and Requiem for a Dream is still playing so all this is meant to be ‘epic’. Then there’s something about a cobra, still sped up. I guess this is a clip from an earlier episode, but I still can’t make heads or tails of it.

Then comes a ‘Spongebob and Friends’ title, over an ugly image manip, with a bit from the Spongebob theme song. Oh yes, that accentuated the epic tone quite well. Then there’s a ‘Quest for the purple dragon’ title. Wasn’t this Quest for CAMELOT?

After some more helpful text telling us this is after Spongebob and Friends Meet The Rescuers (how can something set in Medieval times happen after something in the 1970’s?) we get the intro to the actual movie Spongey and co will be starring in. It begins as normal, save for a cameo from Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, and then we get to a dance, where the music is replaced. Then the movie proceeds as normal again.

But then when that knight guy enters Camelot, there’s some blue text said by a mysterious figure, identified only as ‘????’. And he’s with Ruber, the original film’s baddy. Ooh, the suspense. Then he complains that he’s in a musical. Hey, what’s wrong with musicals? Well, the song here is utterly dull, but still.

Then we find out the mysterious figure’s identity...


The hell?


So King Arthur is rightfully annoyed at Ruber and that ‘rude red ninja’, and Deadpool is annoyed that he’s among ‘charity cases’. So wait...Deadpool’s a knight of the Round Table? Knowing Marvel, that’s probably been done in the comics already, but that is AWESOME. Should be the plot of Wolverine 2.

So Deadpool says that Dark Cynder should be the ruler of Camelot. That’s right – Dark Cynder is the new main villain and Ruber has been demoted to lackey. And who says these edits don’t change the movie? And the demotion doesn’t matter cos Ruber was a pretty lame villain anyway. So is Scroopfan one of the most misunderstood geniuses of our time? Well, he does have Deadpool shoot that girl’s dad, so maybe.

Both Ruber and Deadpool are defeated by Excalibur, and Kayley, the girl from the original Quest for Camelot, finds out about her father’s demise at the hands of the ninja. As the knights come to deliver the bad news, some WMM text tells us the thoughts of one of these knights: ‘Oh dear jesus is she gonna be heart broken.’ Because we’re morons and couldn’t tell that from the ‘breaded knight’s’ expression.

A funeral is held for Kayley’s dad, but I don’t know, the text about Deadpool kinda lessens the emotion don’t you think? Then Kayley grows up and we get a ‘present day’ text. Um, no, this story is supposed to be set centuries ago. Or, since he’s a fan of Kingdom Hearts, perhaps this is another ‘world’? And for a minute I thought Spongebob had learned the secret of time travel. Now that’d have been cool. Spongebob and the hyenas meet Abraham Lincoln! Spongebob and the hyenas discover the identity of Jack The Ripper! Oh, I digressed again.

Now we have Kayley singing a boring musical number. All the while, we have cartoons giving colour commentary. When Kayley’s on a rock for example, Max from Sam & Max (YES) says ‘Now there’s something you don’t see every day!’ Actually, if you hang out with Disney characters, you’re bound to see people singing among crashing water every day. This bit highlights a problem with these type of videos – the added characters point out the obvious. ‘I feel awful sorry for her.’ Yes, you needed to announce that. God forbid we should work things out for ourselves.

Why do the hyenas look so horrified when Kayley is singing on that cliff? Are they worried she’ll fall off?

Apparently those hyenas brought along Sam and Max, as well as Brandy And Mr Whiskers. That’s right, Brandy and Mr Whiskers are in this too. Spongebob, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and Brandy and Mr Whiskers fighting against Deadpool in Medieval England. Sounds like an Academy Award winner.

Then we get a looong introduction sequence highlighting the Shell Louge Squad members, and yes, it includes the ENTIRE Batty Koda rap from Ferngully. To tell the truth, I’m actually wondering why some of these guys would want to be led by Spongebob. Sure, the amount of people who followed Hitler, Gaddafi and Meyer prove that anyone can be a leader, but why would intelligent creatures like the Fearsome Five from Kung Fu Panda and Bagheera from The Jungle Book want an idiot sponge calling the shots?

Cut to King Arthur’s castle. Arthur’s making a speech before it gets interrupted by a gryphon. And some Digimon. Okay, a giant black dragon may not seem out of place in Camelot, but Digimon definitely do.


So the gryphon took Excalibur and lost it in some living thorns (seriously, what was with those?) News reaches Kayley and she wants to go retrieve the sword yada yada. Huh, and when she says ‘what’s a damsel’, there’s a big ‘boom’ acting as some Rim Shot. Who needs subtlety, let’s sap anything remotely subtle out of this picture!

Her mother opposes her going to get the sword on her own, which makes sense considering they’ve got a set of highly-trained warriors and some carnivorous hyenas hanging out, but it’s odd that they’re not already going out to retrieve Excalibur.

As Sora and friends comfort Kayley, as opposed to, you know, making plans on how to get Excalibur back, THE VILLAIN LEAGE SHOW UP! They are so evil the guys from Road To El Dorado scream like little girls THRICE! Oh look, Fanboy And Chum Chum is up next.

And of course, Deadpool shows up. This causes a Digimon to Digivolve.

And then...

Dark Cynder starts singing Evilmainya from Freddie As FRO 7. That song was awesome, way better than the original Quest for Camelot villain song, so you’ll hear no complaints from me about it.

And the El Dorado guys scream like little girls again.

Dark Cynder tries to feed Kayley to some snake from some Syfy movie, while the Shell Louge Squad do nothing to stop her, and apparently that evil dolphin from The Penguins of Madagascar turned Sora into a heartless or something so Kairi can aid the villains with their plot or something or something or anything.

Ruber starts singing his villain song which isn’t as good as Cynder’s, only all instances of ‘my’ are replaced with ‘her’ through WMM text. Movie magic, people. After he turns that chicken into Bladebeak, the El Dorado guys scream again, and Evilmainya plays again. The hyenas could sneak up to Bladebeak and eat him, and the Fearsome Five could kick the asses of Ruber and his men before the conversion begins, but they’d rather watch in awe. This problem occurs in most non-edited fantasy films too, so maybe I’ll let it slide.


May 24th 2011 at 4:03:08 PM
Thanks for the mention. I liked this liveblog, especially the part with the "Ash and Aladdin" crossover.