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Live Blog Cheap Roman cosplays! Or rather.. Let's Play Fallout New Vegas as a Caesar's Legionnaire!
WUE2011-03-27 03:32:55

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A couple (not literally) of words before we start

Welcome folks to this exciting new Liveblog by... well, me. In case you're not familiar with the game, Fallout New Vegas is a first-person sandbox post-apocalyptic RPG that takes off where Fallout 1 & 2 left with Fallout3's gameplay. Set in a nuked retro 50s USA, Fallout New Vegas takes place in.. well, Vegas and its desert surroundings. There's plenty of information on the game on this very website and most of you are familiar with it anyway so I'll avoid cluttering the page with more info on it and go on laying down how I'll play the game. Warning: this is going to be wordy, so you may want to just skip to the summary at the end.

First of all.. as far as tone goes, this liveblog isn't going to be a dead serious one. While I'll try to keep it in-character and not break the setting nor the fourth wall too much you're certainly not going to see me roleplay a conflicted courier slowly coming to believe that Caesar's Legion is the best hope for mankind. That would make for an awesome let's play, but I'm not a good drama writer at all so I'll just settle for a dumb (REALLY DUMB) brute guided by instincts, circumstances and the occasional random bout of lucidity. You'll probably see me beat out of the shit of random NP Cs for flimsy reasons and get into whacky situations that may or may not involve wig-wearing super mutants and robosexual casino owners. Overall, it should be fun, or at least, that's the intention.

Second, as far as layout goes, I'll try to keep it consistent (I apologize in advance for the eventual fuck-ups you'll be forced to see), and it should be roughly this way:

  • Normal text will be use for narration;
  • Quoteblocks will be used for my personal notes, stuff like notes on the gameplay systems, stats, amusing crashes, bugs and "I ate pasta today, it was good" will be kept there;
  • Italics will be used for quotes from NPCs or notes;
  • Bold will be used for the player character's thoughts;
  • Bold and italics will be used for the player character's dialogue.
I also take a LOT of screenshots, but I'll try to use them sparingly and use most of them for reference. First, I can tweak the dialogue a lot more that way (unfortunately the dumb dialogue for player characters is rather sparse, though immensely funny) and second I'll avoid you patiently waiting for that photobucket screenshot to load.

Last thing, I'm not going to play the game vanilla. I, as many other, unfortunately contracted Bethesditis, and I can't help but mod the shit out of their every game simply because I can. Luckily, most of the mod I'm using are really just aesthetic mods that don't alter the core experience of the game while the gameplay mod themselves are really just tweaks.

Here's what I'm using (I'll just list the mods that are relevant to this playthrough since the list is long enough as it is):

  • A shitload of bugfixes. This is an Obsidian Entertainment game, guys;
  • DarnUI, Immersive HUD (despite the use of the word "immersive" it's not that bad, I promise), Adjustable HUD, Primary Needs HUD;
  • A crapton of texture replacers (mostly Ojo Bueno and NMC), Vurt's Flora Overhaul (just the base version to replace the grass and Joshua trees), Nevada Skies (with the Ambient Temperature add-on), Interior Lighting Overhaul (an older version actually, but at this point I'll keep it for consistency's sake), Electro City (just the base ESM), Pip-boy light x 1.5, Populated Casinos and some other effects;
  • Invisible Wall Remover;
  • No Auto Aim Fix, Project Nevada (with the Cyberware add-on), Puce Moose Tweak and Balance Center (the Gravity Kills and Explosive Robots esps only);
  • The Tribal Pack pre-order DLC and Dead Money.

Ooooooooookay, that's all. I think. Anyway, I'm not going to change this load order unless some kind of incredibly bad incompatibility arises when I'm forced to do so, so overall the experience should be pretty consistent.

In case you thought that was too long, skip here:

Basically I'm going to play a humorous modded Fallout New Vegas playthrough as a Caesar's Legionnaire.

Aaaaaand.. that's all, folks. Next installment will be the game proper, I promise.