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Nightmare242011-03-26 13:49:21

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Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning?

So, awhile back I had a live blog about the Venetians taking on the last of the Roman Empire, and succeeding admirabely. But it got locked, and I got busy. Now that I have time to revisit it, I thought, why not finish it? Rather than repost the whole thing, I'll just link to it and explain the story here(yeah, I'm lazy, I know).

Historian Michel Salavuto,top historian to Doge Cristiano, writes....

In 1080, we were a small empire, with few generals, only one real army to speak of, and were overlooked by the larger world. Much has changed, in less than a hundred years, that is to be certain. Doge Domenico, God rest his soul, was a great man, who saw great things in our future. In his infinite wisdom, he pushed us to expand, and we did, although the road was hard. In 1082, Councillor Bartomelo assaulted the town of Zagreb, and took it with minimal bloodshed, but lost his life in the assault. Taking Councillor Allesandro, Doge Domenico attacked the rebel town of Durazzo, and easily captured the settlement.

It was soon revealed how weak the Byzanitines were. In his strategic greatness, Doge Domenico amassed an army and attacked the lightly defended stronghold of Thessalonica in 1114, guarded only by one of Emporer Alexius's generals, who fell in the ensuing battle. After that, the Byzantines were handed defeat after defeat at the battle of Thessalonica, Battle of The Forest, Battle of Mosynopolis, and the Battle of Byzantine Road, where Emporer Alexius was killed by our emaninte liege. The army proved their mastery when they took the city of Constantinople in 1126, proving their walls to be nothing. But there, tragedy struck. In 1136, Doge Domenico died, and Doge Cristino was crowned. Allesandro pushed on, to complete the great man's work, but was ambushed in 1144 by 3 other armies, and was killed in the following battle, although the other armies were destroyed. 4 years later, Nicea fell to the assault of our armies. Even without our emanite lord Domenico, we are advancing, despite our traitorous enemies the Sicilians, the descendants of that arrogant whelp Robert the Weasel, we will prove victorious...

Cristino looks over the paper, and nods.

"Impressive work. Very well written. Now, for your pay. Guards, cut out his tongue!" Cristino "What? Why?" "For implying my leadership is the reason we're not as far as we should be! Oh, and for fawning over the Doge Domenico, let's not forget that. Let this be a warning to you, don't wag that tongue of yours, it'll get you in trouble." As the guards drag off, Gerardo arrives in the throne room. "Was that neccesary?" He asks. Cristino rolls his eyes. "People around here get bold if they think your weak. Better to be feared than loved." "Your reading to much Machiavelli again. Where's Benasuto?" Cristino points at the giant map of Europe he's got posted on the wall. "Corinth. He's our best general." "Uhh....he's pretty much our only general by this point. We've lost 3 members of the council and their families in this campaign." "A campaign I didn't begin, if I remind you." "No, but your intent on finishing it." "It would be most rude to not continue my esteemed predecessors work, don't you think?" "If you say so. I just hope this is all worth it in the end." Gerardo says, and walks out of the room. Cristino looks up at the statue of the Doge Domenico sitting nearby. "I will prove myself your better. I will do what you failed to, what you never could. Venice will prevail, if it kills me."

Family details to come!

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