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Psyga3152012-02-01 13:50:09

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The Day A Demon Was Defeated

Okay. I think I calmed myself. Okay, so to recap, MDickie canít make his charactersí models older to save his life, and I have one country remaining. Letís kick their asses!

Which was pretty fast considering that the soldiers only have fourteen men remaining. Curbstombing ensues. So we won, taking the last country, Canada, as our prize. The last interrogator tells Paramount that he was a messiah on a technical basis. He presented everyone with an evil that everyone hated, so they put their differences aside to fight off Paramountís army. Wait... that sounds familiar... World Peace by giving the entire world someone to hate? Bah, it crossed my mind.


And so my conquest has ended. What do I think of it? Well, it could be polished. Maybe bring in an option to play cards that give off a tactical advantage, like having people turn on them or rigging up an area with Dynamines. The story is painful to read however. It seems that the egotistical Holier Than Thou speeches from The You Testament and The Making of a Prophet have returned. Itís always ďIím better than you!Ē or blatant exposition. It kills some momentum. The cutscenes in battle however, arenít such a bother, mostly because they have some impact to the battle and characterize the two sides. Even if itís the stereotypical ďNatives good, Americans BadĒ deal we see in Avatar, Pocahontas, Battle For Terra, and the like. Although there is one scene where MDickie does antagonize the Warriors, and that is the scene where the soldier lost his way. Picture this: Youíre a soldier, lost and scared, then all of a sudden, the enemy shows up in numbers. You beg for mercy but is met with a sword to the heart.

Now, do I recommend this? Yes. I do, if you like Dynasty Warriors, this is pretty much a watered down, free version of the game. Just replace China with THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD! Hereís a link listing some of the features that I didnít show or talked about in the game, mostly because of how they didnít appear. If you liked what you see, hereís the download link.

Before I go, there is one final thing I want to talk about: Deathmatch Mode. If you ever get bored with the campaign, you can play a little deathmatch mode. You can have two-to-four armies duking it out, or have an all-out-brawl. For me? All out brawl. Letís see how this ends.

Very well. It lagged the first few minutes, but after the body count dropped to 40, it went well. If you have an hour to kill, this might be the game for you. Well, Iím done with this liveblog. Happy March everyone.


Mar 24th 2011 at 6:29:20 PM
World Peace by giving the entire world someone to hate?

You missed one.

Now is this game also created using the same wrestling game constructor as his other games?
Mar 31st 2011 at 6:13:38 PM
Pretty much. He uses that engine for all his games.

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