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Psyga3152012-02-01 13:49:37

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From Out Of Nowhere

Alright. This is (hopefully) the penultimate post for the WWA letís play. When we last left off, it seemed my Unstoppable Rage would come out even to positive live blogs as I initiated a Blitzkrieg at the sight of my Vikings turning on me and one of my countries lost. I regained it though and now we are here. Let us find out if I can still kick the Soldiersí collective asses.

Twice the soldiers have attacked me and twice have I proved to them that yes, I can take that Laser Sword of theirs and shove it up where the sun does not shine. Oh yeah, they have Laser Swords. No, they cannot sever limbs faster than a machine gun can, but it does hurt and kill more. So back with General Paramount, he explains his reasons for why he went back in time. To put it in a non-technical language: The wars caused the earth to be depleted of resources, thus making it worthless. Paramount decided to go into time to establish a settlement 1,000 years into the past to preserve the human race.

So letís get this straight: Humanity destroyed deprived the resources of Earth due to war and have to travel through space time to find a new place to settle. And the protagonists (I suppose) are the people living in that new place to begin with. When the humans do invade, the natives fight the threat off. Now you realize when I point out that it had the plot from Battle For Terra? However, unlike that movie, this focuses more on the war than on one single character, but if you were to ask me, I would prefer Battle For Terra in terms of plot. Now, letís resume killing soldiers!

So my warriors havenít got the clue that they arenít supposed to fight on their own and blame it on their deceased brothers. Thankfully, like before, heís saved before they rearranged his limbs in funny places. So after defending another country, we enter yet another Interrogation. This time, the interrogator (turns out that the interrogators change character models, implying that multiple people are interrogating Paramount) calls out Paramount for not learning from their mistakes and proceeds to tell him that his death is near in the most epic way ever. ďThe moment will come when you breathe your first and last breath in a new era.Ē Paramount does the same before that, calling out the interrogator for having a history full of violence. After that I took out another country. The soldiers stated that many years passed since the initial battle... wait... what? Let me look at that... Okay, the game started in the year 1000, and by this time itís 1042. What the hell. That means that Paramount is an old man now or worse, DEAD! You canít tell me that this many years passed and not manage to make Paramount look even a day older without a justification! NOW IíVE LOST IT! I KNOW I CAN KILL! THE TRUTH EXISTS BEYOND THE GATES!


Weíre having some technical difficulties, please stay tuned for the final part.


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