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Live Blogs Gentlemen, I Love War
Psyga3152012-02-01 13:46:36

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When we last left off the war, everyone was Too Dumb to Live. Let us find out what more idiotic things they will pull off.

I start the post by sending 30 of my men towards a country with 30 men. Epic war ensues. It was just pure awesome. While everyone was fighting, I took a machine gun and fired like Rambo, then got someone down and proceeded to go Keiichi on them (beating them to death with a blunt object). We won, naturally. It was the next battle that proved things to be difficult. That is where we met the barbarians.

The barbarians are a third party that targets everyone, Warriors and Soldiers alike. So a Mle Trois ensues as I get my ass handed to. And I died. Until I go to the next available person. See, when you die, you go to the next person nearby. Its nice to see that MDickie averted We Cannot Go On Without You. We won, again.

The next battles, yes, battles, take place around South Africa. Pretty much I invade his country, I lose men, I retreat to avoid a heavy loss. Then the soldiers invade, lose some men, and retreat. It repeats for some time. Soon when I invaded the country the next time, one of the soldiers decides to go Jake Sully on his men and betray them, turning to our side. Uh... thanks? He gets his ass handed to, however. But we avenged his death by winning the battle.

Sadly, there is no interrogation scene here, as I decided to stop when I figured out that my enemy has seven countries left.

Hm... Might finish this in about seven parts or less... See you all later.

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