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Live Blogs Gentlemen, I Love War
Psyga3152012-05-17 08:20:47

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Hello everyone, Psyga315 here again. Since my live blogs have been nothing but me being rude to a big teddy bear and his friends who barely do anything and a queen of an utopia she made by casting out people who refused to obey her, I have decided to do a positive Liveblog. And I might as well make it a Let's Play as opposed to a Letís Watch or Letís Read. What is the game I will be playing? A little known game called World War Alpha made by one Mat Dickie. Yes, that Mat Dickie.

For those who do not know who he is, Mat Dickie, or MDickie as he is known on the internet, is a game programmer known famously for his wrestling games and infamously for his religious games. He retired not long after he published The You Testament (and creating an Islamic version called The Making of a Prophet) and had made all his games Freeware. Curious as to how his other games played out (such as Hard Time and Grass Roots) I downloaded most of MDickieís games and played them in the span of an hour for each. And one game stuck to me for a long time.

World War Alpha is pretty much Dynasty Warriors + Risk with the plot from Battle For Terra, but replace space travel with time travel. I just happened to like all three of these so this was to be a killer mixture. I played it and loved it. I wasted a whole weekend playing it while a friend, who was at my house at the time, commented on how crappy the graphics looked. I did not mind. Graphics do not make the game, especially for a homemade game.

The reason why I decide to letís play this game is because this is the only MDickie game that I liked. As in the kind that I would return to, not for a cheap laugh or to test out a new cheat, but to actually play the game. And since I am doing a positive Liveblog where I gush about stuff instead of bashing them, this seemed like a fit. Unlike any other of my liveblogs, I will not dig right into the game in this post, but in the next one.

Well, see you in the war.

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