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Live Blog Dodging Rocket Punches And Copyright Issues: Let's Play Super Robot Wars OG1
Fluid2013-03-31 08:44:55

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Foreword on this series and liveblog

Hello, and welcome to my liveblog for the first game in the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series. I've been regularly talking about these games recently, but never got around to actually writing a liveblog about one. After my second time playing through this particular game, however, this seemed as good a time as any to do it. Might as well detail my appreciation for the game in print if I'm gonna be playing it again.

There are a few reasons why I've chosen to use an Original Generation game for this purpose: first and foremost, most Super Robot Wars games were never localized, for which a major cause has always been licensing issues involving all the borrowed characters from other companies. However, as each of these games featured a number of original characters to make SRW's typical crossover plots work, the developers eventually had a roster of original characters that was big enough to support an entire game by itself. So they said: "Hey, why not."

A second reason for this choice could be considered more of a personal preference: due to the absence of characters from other shows, the plot doesn't trail off into their respective side-stories, which gives an overall feel of tighter focus, and no prior knowledge of mecha shows is required to enjoy everything in this game. As noted on its page, this particular series condenses, rewrites and reboots pretty much all prior SRW continuity into a stand-alone series, which is no small feat given the number of games. While it begins right at the start of the classic SRW timeline, there will be an occasional reference which may not be immediately obvious to new players, but I will attempt to explain any terminology if the game doesn't do it for me instead.

I will be playing this game on Hard difficulty, once again for a few reasons: first of all, you don't get to see the entire story on lower difficulties, though most of the extra content is just extra dialogue cutscenes and small plot deviations; the general line of the story is still the same. Aside from that, I have been playing this game for quite a while already and for the most part, OG 1 is not all that difficult to begin with.

The liveblog itself will be in a bit of a mixed format: although I'll be paraphrasing most of it, I'll occasionally quote pieces of dialogue verbatim if they are particularly interesting, funny or cool. Likewise, I will provide visual material when it seems interesting. Most of the time this will be in the form of character dialogue portraits, but it can be anything that I feel deserves a visual explanation. The pictures are tiny, as they are in their native GBA resolution, but Iíve decided to link them in order to avoid unduly breaking up the text.

So let's get things started! Right after pressing New Game, the game has us choose between two characters. These characters — Ryusei Date and Kyosuke Nanbu — are the two possible protagonists, and we're effectively choosing whose storyline we wish to follow. If you want the entire story, you'll pretty much have to play through the game twice. I'm picking Ryusei, because I personally like his story.

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