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Live Blog The Yor (attempt to) invade the galaxy
Acebrock2011-03-11 03:55:13

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Okay, this is just an after action report, done whenever I feel like it (often) of what's happening in my randomly set up galaxy, from the perspective of the Yor Emperor, N-1 (He'll be really talkative at the beginning because there's a lot going on), who I'll be playing as (very pragmatic, if slightly idiotic) a Neutral Evil Omnicidal Maniac. The settings are as follows:

  • The Galaxy will be gigantic
  • All races are on
  • Stars, planets (Habitable and uninhabitale), and anomolies will be abundant, and loosly clustered
  • Tech rate will be normal
  • Only thing disabled is the tech victory
  • Difficulty will be normal

So let us BEGIN! (Emporer N-1's text is in bold)

'''So, we're going to invade the galaxy now. Maybe we can finally get rid of those pesky Iconians, and everyone they talk to. First thing's first, though. Establish a power base.

(Beginning) Alright, get Iconia in order. Why those pesky Iconians rigged everything with explosives, I'll never know. And get some research done!

(survey ship spotted a wreck) Alright, let's survey that wreck. A serum that makes my soldiers stronger? Yes Please...wait, how would it work on us? We're robots. Well, who cares, if it works it works.

(Survey ship pokes through some asteroids) Wait, a new type of energy pattern that improves our economy? Is someone getting things confused here? Why don't we sell the serum and use the energy on our soldiers? Why do I have to think of everyhting around here?

(Finds good planet) Wait, a planet with 9 good areas for metropolises and one of those spots can produce stuff at 3 times the speed? Claim it now! And get that factory up! What's a few million slaves in the face of progress?

(Having done some quick research on diplomacy, and stumbled upon space militirization) Why didn't you tell me about the idea of militarizing space?I thought we would just land troops on everyone else's planets!

(Finds something really good) Seriously, you've discovered a resource that improves our military and never runs out? Let's mine that mothefucker.

(Meets Caranoids) Who are these Carinoids you claim to have contacted? Put them up on the screen. *Has a short chat with the Carinoid leader* Let them prosper? HA! I'd sooner eliminate them. Now if only we had some weapons...

(Meets Thalans) What is that thing? it calls itself a Thalan? and it calims to lead an empire? Really? It must die.

(Has a "Moral dilemma")Sentient pods that make people hyper-intelligent but leaves them in incredible pain? Let's bond all the colonists of Migor IV to these things!

(Meets up in the UCOP) Wait, what is this United Council of Planets thing? Well, can't be all bad. I get 50000 votes. Wait, why does the Thalan get more votes than me? This thing is a crock!

(Meets the Altarians) Hmm...The Altarian Republic? Interesting, and quite killable. but why does his face glow?

(Meets the Iconians) Hello again, Iso the Wise. I hope you enjoy lasers. Mwahahaha.

(Iconians send a freigter) Wait, why do the Iconians want to trade with us? Well, whatever, we'll take their money for now.

(Thalans Declare war on two other races) Why are the Thalans so warlike already? Their military is barely off the ground, like ours.

(Meets Drath Legion) Drath Legion...Ignorant enough to think we can live in peace. Sad, really.

(Meets Terrans) We finally meet the Terrans. Wait, the Terrans and the Altarians look identical, minus the glow. this doesn't makes sense. meldown meltdown''' (N-1 will be back online in a day or so.)

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