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Live Blog Empire of Steel and Sulfur: An Industrial Italy
Kinkajou2011-03-10 05:17:06

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kinkajou's inaugural liveblog under the new system! This will be a playthrough of Victoria An Empire Under The Sun with its Revolutions expansion. The time frame of the game will stretch from 1836, a year before the accession of Queen Victoria to the throne of the British Empire, to a century later, 1936.

Here, my aim, besides the obvious of entertaining you folks, is to take the Italian Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and unify Italy with it. We will focus on our industrial capacity, and I have set in a few house rules and goals:

  • No declaring non-colonial wars unless it is a war of unification.
  • Austria is our biggest foe. We must be ready for war against them.

Some goals I have set for myself include:

  • The proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy before the year 1850.
  • The unification of all Italy by 1870.
  • Breaking into the top 4 of Great Powers.
  • Maintaining a high industrial score.

And so, we commence!

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