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Live Blog Adapt and Survive. Let's play Notrium!
AttObl2011-03-06 22:36:21

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Let's Play Notrium! Notrium is a Freeware Survival game made by Ville Mönkkönen, where you must survive planet Notrium by any means necessary. In addition to the hostile environments, you have to deal with aliens and find food in order to survive. The game in question shares a lot of similarities to a Roguelike game, especially in the fact that everything will kill you, and you will die a lot. The game is quite moddable, but for all intents and purposes, I will use the vanilla version.

There are four races, each with their advantages and disadvantages, the following races are:

Human: You're going to need items and weapons to survive as a human. I would like to say that he is The Mario in terms of gameplay. His punches are rather weak for combat, so you need to get something else unless you're that crazy to punch some aliens.

Android: The Android is a strong character, since he cannot only take more hits than humans, but he can handle extreme temperatures. However, the Android is forced to use repair units, since he cannot eat anything. I would qualify him as The Mighty Glacier.

Alien: The alien is one of the fastest characters in the game, and the alien starts with the claws, one of the more powerful starting weapons in the game. The alien can evolve, and it can gain some more traits. I have former experience with that character since I played this game a long time ago. I would refer to the alien as a Lightning Bruiser, thanks to it’s fast speed, along with it's claws.

Psionic: Ahem. IT CANNOT CARRY ANYTHING AT ALL. This is one of my gripes about this particular character. However, it has the ability to use Psionic powers via tokens. It uses less food than the human, which is a good thing. Unexpected Gameplay Change can be applied to it, since we're talking about an alien that has to use tokens for Psychic Powers.

Now that the summary of the races is out of the way, I will be playing the Human first. Now, before anyone asks, if the character I was playing dies, the character dies. No exceptions. Not only that I would get out of Save Scumming, but I would try out the other races as I get through this Liveblog. I will be writing this Liveblog in a First Person Point of View.

So let's try to survive planet Notrium!

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