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Live Blog The Journal of Teddy Brown
AwesomeZombie222011-03-07 20:20:26

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I got this game called Survival Kids. I'm not gonna explain it, since there's a page for it on the wiki, but let me just say that I thought that I could make a let's play of the game that was told from the perspective of the in-game character, as was done in the Earthbound let's play, "Let's Play A Game No One Cares About", and in the far more famous and eighty times more disturbing, "The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing". So basically, I thought, "You know, that's interesting, how about I do that?". So that's the story of why this livebloggination exists. Now, let me just say that I haven't done a 100% run of the game yet, but I plan on 100%ing it in this bloggination. This will also be an exercise in my ability to write in a first person perspective, so yeah... just the nerdy background to this let's play. The rest of it will be like a novel. Anyway, I hope you like it, and please give me feedback on my writing.

EDIT: On getting all the Endings, I will post the ending that will be canonical for this story first, and then the other endings later. Just thought I'd put that out.