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Live Blog Like a Cat, Tied to a Stick: / vs. Project ICE
/2011-02-22 16:01:18

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Fifteen Minutes of Previews Before the Actual Movie

"But, /," I can hear you saying already, "weren't you already liveblogging Baccano! Haven't you ever heard of finishing what you've started?" To which I can only respond that I have seen the Finished Land, and lo! it was really quite boring. After all, if everything's done, what do I have to stress out about look forward to? And so I am proud to introduce my second  *

liveblog, Like a Cat, Tied to a Stick, which we will proceed to drive into Project ICE, a 2007 OVA series that Anime-Planet sees fit to describe as follows:

In a dystopic future, the Mir space station fell from space for an unknown reason — bringing with it a death sentence for every man on Earth. Women have adapted to the loss and for the most part, are living their lives in peace, but bio terrorism is on the rise and the women of Japan need protectors. Hitomi Landsknecht is the leader of a group of such protectors, but she and her comrades will soon discover the new technology known as "ICE". Mysterious and unknown, it is somehow related to males being born again an occurrence which may signal the rise of humanity once again. However, the technology may also create a monster and destroy what is left of womankind. Can the remaining females change their destiny or will it be too late?

It's received glowing reviews from users on anime tracker BakaBT, who effuse:

As for this, the OAV was definitely weird and pretty awful.


this is so BAD, it physically hurts just watching the 15 minutes of it (thumbs down)

Uh, let me strike that "proud" part from "proud to introduce"...

Anyway, I'll be watching the Makoto fansub release of ICE. Part one to come shortly.


Feb 22nd 2011 at 4:08:32 PM
Good luck, and enjoy your badness. I'll comment as often as I can be bothered >.>

Feb 22nd 2011 at 4:22:53 PM
the ability to laugh at weakness