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Live Blog Searching For Treasure - A Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Liveblog
Cliche2011-02-19 20:03:32

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Prelude ~ Premonition of a New Journey

  • Supervisor - Koichi Nakamura
  • Director - Kazuhiko Aoki
  • Producer - Hironobu Sakaguchi

And so our feathered friend is walking along. That butterfly looks interesting. Where did it come from, and where will it go? Little does he know, IT'S A TRAP! The ickle goblin behind it giggles at a Pit Trap well executed.

Uh-oh. His moogle friend is in for a surprise. He was in the middle of casting a Thunder spell when Chocobo decided to drop right in. That Behemoth doesn't look happy about the rude awakening. Now they're in for it.

Oh no! He's got Mog! Running and running and...go figure. A dead end. The Behemoth is approaching nearer and nearer, and Chocobo dropped his amethyst! Well, it's been nice knowing life. Wait, that amethyst is starting to glow! It's summoned a great blue dragon! Chocobo's just going to let you two fight amongst yourselves while he silently sneaks away. But before he even gets down the stairs, his tail's on fire!

What a rude awakening. Better get to the nearest water bucket. And Mog's been peacefully sleeping all along. Strange dream.

A doll has decided to sleep along with them, and it comes bearing a letter with a familiar pattern. A White Mage. Chocobo looks down at his blue pendant, and up at the starry sky for the new adventure to come.

So what the heck does that all mean? Well, we'll find out over the course of the game. But for now, we're going to need names for the chocobo and his bestest best moogle friend. And there will be more opportunities for you to affect gameplay decisions once we get started.


Feb 21st 2011 at 5:30:24 PM
Oh, what an adorable opening sequence! Cute and funny; two good tastes that taste great together! And a little bit of mystery at the tale far as first impressions go, I'm defintely interested to see how this Liveblog's going to develop.

Names, names, names...well, it'd be selfish to name them after characters I've created, so I'll resort to duos from games I've played recently. Assuming that both of our protagonists are male, how about...Dante and Vergil? Alph and Theo? [[Disgaea3 Mao and Almaz?]] Or...actually, that's all I can come up with right now.