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Live Blog The Legend of the Titanic Riff along!
DeadlyPrivate2011-02-12 15:31:29

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OH THAT BEARD! Part 1 of the Video

Good day my fellow tropers. I am here to discuss this horrid and disgusting piece of trash that I have spent years, and I mean YEARS, saying is the worst movie I have ever experienced. It is a movie about the Titanic in animated form, and the main stars are two human lovers and a bunch of mice...oh, and a giant octopus. Please, Bare with me, as this is my first Live Blog...I hope that you can understand my way of doing this, as I shall now provide you the link to the video, for you to enjoy/cry with me:

( Just follow along as we go on this Journey, and I am sure we might find this to be...educational.

We shall start on Part 1, where we are introduced to the Main characters and how this might be the worst thing since the actual sinking of the titanic.

0:07 But first, the Logos must be introduced.

0:11 Ah yes! you will hear Doc Sane Commenting along with the videos as well. He has a good selection of videos that also mostly feature the Titanic in animated form.

0:19 How does a Lamb and a bird mix? what kind of person would think that would be a good idea for a logo? Apparently the same one who thought that soft red letter will work with dark green.

0:39 We cut to a shot of New York City ( It has to be, it's literally playing it's anthem for god sake) And experience a wonderful pan shot.

0:53 We zoom into a normal apartment building when...what? Didn't they spend 20 seconds establishing that this was a normal sized building?! So that means either this is a minature New York City that is populated by Mice, OR that Rats have grown larger and have eaten all the Citzens of New York!

0:56 Why are we panning away from the mice and towards a ordinary suitcase? What, is the suitcase going to grow 10 times larger as well and eat the mice!?

1:06 ...The Mouse on the right is a Girl. Look at those feminine eyes and perky nose...Yep, betting on a girl here.

1:07 o-o Run children run! That is not your grandfather, but a horrible monster with a bag over it's face! I know that is suppose to be a beard and his hair but...LOOK AT HIS EYEBROWS! there perfectly black! How do you explain that away!?

1:18 Good catch there Docsane! I am curious though...They obviously drew the ship on the front page there, so they INTENTIONALLY put the internet edition on there! I have no idea why they would do that...OR name the newspaper "The !Ship! times".

1:28 Oh yes; Thousands dying in the tragic sea, many of them children and women, is just a "misunderstanding". I am also guessing that WWII was just a typo in the history books.

1:48 Mr...Ice? What kind of name is that?!

1:53 Notice how the kid on the right has their sunglasses fogged up, but the Grandfather's glasses are not. ...I will let you take whatever you want from that.

2:05 AHHHH!!!!

2:09 Oh thank god...So we shall now cut back to the titan-

2:19 AHHHHH!!!!!!!

2:23 ._. Still...HORRIFYING.

God...Okay. We are now in the next scene, where we are introduced to the main characters of the movie. It is now 1912, and it is the launching of the titanic.

2:45 "Hmmph! I shove my way into the line and YOU tell me to WAIT?!"

2:49 I like to imagine that the driver is powering that taxi with his feet, Fred Flintstone style.

We then are introduced to a character named 'I am not a rip off from that girl in titanic', and her father. Her Father though...Wow. Listen to that voice.

3:26 That voice was done while the actor was chewing on two thousand acorns.

3:31 Whoa Woah Woah...Did that guy just say "Cameron"? Are they refering to the Cameron from Ferris Beuller? Or to the Cameron Of Titanic Fame? ....I am going to go with Ferris Beuller Cameron.

3:39 ...Wow. We now just confirmed that these people are suprised by the ship. Thank you. I would have not expected that reaction.

3:50 "Mmm, Human children taste good!"

3:59 Wow, Slyvester has been toned done since he was hired by Disney.

4:10 "I'm out, peace bitch!"

4:16 "Right after I smoke another hundred Winston cigerettes!"

4:23 Promise me you will not do that AGAIN.

4:50 You know, they will HAVE to run out of rat or mice puns before they go for just normal last names.

5:01 Oh, cheese puns, that is just what we need! All we need now is a meatball related puns and then we can just title this self-depreciation for a italian animation company.

5:08 They just passed those two mexican sterotypes! What is up with Italy hating on Mexico!?

5:13 ...That rat on the left is just staring at me. It's staring INTO MY SOUL.

5:18 "And this is my PAPA PAPA!"

5:23 O_e That is a child molesting face.

5:57 What the hell did he just spew out of his mouth? It seems a lot easier just to simply call it a 'rope'. Usually nicknames are giving so the basic idea is expressed in a shorter amount of time. a 'Oter' is just way too complicated!...Sorry, I bugs me is all.

6:12 "Hahhahaah, Hypothermia is H Ilarious!"

6:19 Fieval is kept in that sack, so he will never be able to get lost again :)

6:39 You better look out, those rats to the left look SERIOUS-ly retarded.

6:49 "Because that will make me SO glad!"

7:12 Yeah, Horray for halfway decent animation!

7:19 I'm guessing that the mouse is a cousin of speedy gonzalas, cause he will have to have been traveling at LEAST as fast as the ball to get there so quickly!

7:47 Really?...Neat. ...Wait, he's voicing 'Maltravers'? That's the equivlent of naming yourself," Hello, I am evil because of my incredibly inane and not english name; Even though I have a english Voice actor, and I am have a english accent!"

8:00 "OH, He has now? rmmggmg I say, that is a good show old bean bmmgmgm..."

8:11 "And he's barely a serpent! The tail is not THAT obvious!"

8:22 "And we are going to make you happy by marrying you off to a man you clearly hate and despise."

8:38 " YES! *SNOOOOOOOORT* DISGUSTING Exbition! Did I also mention that I have a eyepatch and that I'm the VILLIAN!?"

8:48 Yes, A gypsy with a Irish accent.

8:55 Wow...he is really into dancing with his dog :)

9:01 A little TOO into it :I

9:04 8) Okay, it's a very creepy dance with a dog and her lover.

9:06 Oh.

We now finish with Smiley the Dog barking up a russle with the other dogs; who knows what might happen next!? Tune in next time to the riffing of The Legend of The Titanic!


Feb 12th 2011 at 3:52:51 PM
I've watched both animated Titanic movies (never tackled the sequel to this one, though, since there's no English version), and I have to say, this one is my "favorite" of the two. If it weren't about the Titanic, it might be a pseudo-OK-ish kind of movie, but as it is.. DERP.
Feb 12th 2011 at 3:59:19 PM
Freezair: BEST BE TROLLIN. There's no way this movie could be any sillier than "IF NOT FOR YOU I WOULD NOW BE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S DIGESTION", some of the goofiest animation to ever burn corneas, and a rap number in a movie set in 1912.

That said, let me take a look and NEVERMIND YOU'RE RIGHT.
Feb 12th 2011 at 4:21:18 PM
At the very least, this movie has higher-quality animation (for a Saturday morning cartoon, it'd look fine, save the incredibly effeminate mouse-man).
Feb 12th 2011 at 4:45:26 PM
Freeezair The sequel for this is on Doc Sane's Channel; It's also in english! And it's also the most horrifying thing in existance!
Feb 12th 2011 at 4:53:05 PM
Yeah, the animation is way, way better. Not that it's very good, but it's not awful, which is damningly faint praise if ever there was any.