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Live Blog DOUBLE LIVEBLOG!! KSPAM Does A Side-By-Side Comparison Of NGE And RoE
KSPAM2011-02-06 16:16:43

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Okay, my last liveblog didn't work out so well. But come on, you could tell from episode one Freezing was going to be shit.

Instead, I'm going to follow an established formula. Liveblog a popular and snark-worthy anime! But this time, a tweest! Do a side-review of another equally popular anime! Doesn't hurt that said anime is also a reboot of the first.

So sit back and relax, we've got a lot of material to cover. At certain intervals, one of the Rebuild movies will be covered as a little break (and as an ad-hoc antidepressant). Ready? No? TOO BAD LET'S GO!

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