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Live Blog Theory of the Damed
HarleyQuinn1172011-02-06 02:14:57

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Chapter 00 : The Prologue

What would you say, if a cat asked you what you wish for most in the world? Would you answer with “Nothing”, “Everything” or something else? The proper answer is probably to just walk away and cast off the idea as a hallucination. But when I was asked that question, my answer was rather, unique. I had always thought the world to be a boring, droll place where nothing happened. So when I was asked that question, I answered with this, “I wish I would become a hero, like a video game hero.” mind you, I was just barely entering into adolescence at the time, fifteen was right around the corner for me. I guess it is understandable for wanting such a risky lifestyle. But it is another thing to be given that lifestyle.

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